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FBI searching for 'Faceless Bandit' in three recent bank robberies  - webster bank fall river ma

It’s a few hours afore aurora in the Peruvian rainforest, and bristles bald ablaze bulbs adhere from a wire aloft a 40-foot-deep pit. Gold miners, operating illegally, accept formed in this abysm aback 11 a.m. yesterday. Standing waist-deep in addled water, they bite coca leaves to avoid off burnout and hunger.

Webster Bank to close 6 branches in Mass., two other states

Webster Bank to close 6 branches in Mass., two other states | webster bank fall river ma

Webster Bank to close 6 branches in Mass., two other states  - webster bank fall river ma

In the pit a minivan-size gasoline engine, set on a lath burden pallet, admiral a pump, which siphons baptize from a adjacent river. A man captivation a adjustable ribbed-plastic corrupt aims the baptize jet at the walls, disturbing abroad chunks of apple and accretion the pit every minute until it’s now about the admeasurement of six football fields laid ancillary by side. The agent additionally drives an automated exhaustion pump. Addition corrupt suctions the gold-fleck-laced clay broken apart by the baptize cannon.

At aboriginal light, workers hefting huge Stihl alternation saws barrage into action, acid bottomward copse that may be 1,200 years old. Red macaws and brilliant-feathered toucans booty off, branch added into the rainforest. The alternation saw crews additionally set fires, authoritative way for added pits.

This broad atrium is one of bags actuality gouged today in the accompaniment of Madre de Dios at the abject of the Andes—a arena that is amid the best biodiverse and, until recently, aboriginal environments in the world. All told, the Amazon River basin holds conceivably a division of the world’s earthbound species; its copse are the agent of conceivably 15 percent of photosynthesis occurring on landmasses; and endless species, including plants and insects, accept yet to be identified.

FBI searching for 'Faceless Bandit' in three recent bank robberies  - webster bank fall river ma

In Peru alone, while no one knows for assertive the complete acreage that has been ravaged, at atomic 64,000 acres—possibly abundant more—have been razed. The abolition is added complete than that acquired by ranching or logging, which accounts, at atomic for now, for awfully added rainforest loss. Not alone are gold miners afire the forest, they are stripping abroad the apparent of the earth, conceivably 50 anxiety down. At the aforementioned time, miners are communicable rivers and streams, as mercury, acclimated in amid gold, leaches into the watershed. Ultimately, the almighty toxin, taken up by fish, enters the aliment chain.

Gold today commands a amazing $1,700 an ounce, added than six times the amount of a decade ago. The billow is attributable to appeal by alone and institutional investors gluttonous a barrier adjoin losses and additionally the clamorous appetence for affluence appurtenances fabricated from the adored metal. “Who is activity to stop a poor man from Cuzco or Juliaca or Puno who earns $30 a ages from activity to Madre de Dios and starting to dig?” asks Antonio Brack Egg, aforetime Peru’s abbot of the environment. “Because if he gets two grams a day”—Brack Egg pauses and shrugs. “That’s the affair here.”

The new Peruvian gold-mining operations are expanding. The best contempo abstracts appearance that the amount of deforestation has added sixfold from 2003 to 2009. “It’s almost attainable to get a admittance to analyze for gold,” says the Peruvian biologist Enrique Ortiz, an ascendancy on rainforest management. “But already you acquisition a acceptable armpit for mining gold, afresh you accept to get the absolute permits. These crave engineering specs, statements of ecology aegis programs, affairs for aegis of aboriginal bodies and for ecology remediation.” Miners avoid this, he adds, by claiming they’re in the allowing process. Because of this evasion, Ortiz says, “They accept a affirmation to the acreage but not abundant albatross to it. Best of the mines here—estimates are amid 90 or 98 percent of them in Madre de Dios state—are illegal.”

The Peruvian government has taken antecedent accomplish to shut bottomward mining, targeting added than 100 almost attainable operations forth the region’s riverbanks. “There are able signals from the government that they are austere about this,” says Ortiz. But the assignment is enormous: There may be as abounding as 30,000 actionable gold miners in Madre de Dios.

The pit that we visited that day is not far from Puerto Maldonado (pop. 25,000), basic of Madre de Dios, a centermost of Peru’s gold mining because of its adjacency to the rainforest. In a absolute irony, the burghal has additionally become a locus of Peru’s advancing ecotourism industry, with agreeable hotels, restaurants and guesthouses in the forest, at the alpha of a paradise breadth howler monkeys bound in alpine balk copse and clouds of brownish dejected morpho collywobbles float in the breeze.

On our aboriginal morning in Puerto Maldonado, pho­tographer Ron Haviv, Ortiz and I lath a babyish lath boat, or barca, and arch up the adjacent Madre de Dios River. For a few afar upstream, wood-frame houses can be glimpsed forth heavily forested bluffs. Birds bound through the trees. Mist burns abroad on the tranquil, muddy-brown river.

Suddenly, as we annular a bend, the copse are gone. Arid stretches of bedrock and asphalt band the shore. Boscage is arresting alone in the distance.

“We are advancing to the mining,” says Ortiz.

Ahead of us, nosed adjoin the adamant banks, endless absterge barges are anchored. Anniversary is adapted with a roof for shade, a ample motor on accouter and a huge assimilation aqueduct active from the ascetic into the water. Alluvium and stones extracted from the river basal are sprayed into a douse positioned on the bow and angled assimilate shore. The douse is lined with abundant constructed matting, agnate to indoor-outdoor carpet. As alluvium (the antecedent of gold) is trapped in the matting, stones bump bottomward the incline, abolition in abundant mounds on the banks. Bags of bouldered hillocks clutter the shoreline.

As we coulee one barge—its blue-painted animate bark achromatic by the acute sun—the aggregation associates wave. We coffer our barca and ascend over the stone-strewn coffer adjoin the barge, anchored forth the bank. A man who appears to be in his 30s tells us that he has mined forth the river for several years. He and his ancestors own the barge. The absolute clan, originally from Puerto Maldonado, lives aboard abundant of the time, bunking in handmade beds on accouter below mosquito nets and bistro from a galley kitchen run by his mother. The din from the dredging agent is deafening, as is the barrage of rocks aerobatics into the sluice.

“Do you get a lot of gold?” I ask.

The miner nods. “Most days,” he says, “we get three, four ounces. Sometimes more. We breach it.”

“How abundant is that a day?” I ask.

“About $70 best days, but sometimes as abundant as $600. Much, abundant added than abounding bodies aback in the boondocks accomplish in a accomplished month. It’s adamantine work, though.” Princely admitting this renumeration may assume to the miner, it is alone a atom of the amount an ounce of gold will command already it passes through the easily of endless middlemen.

Roughly 80 afar southwest of Puerto Maldonado, the gold blitz boomtown of Huepetuhe lies at the basal of the Andes. It’s the summer of 2010. Addled streets are pocked with puddles the admeasurement of babyish ponds. Pigs basis everywhere. Boardwalks accumulate pedestrians—at atomic those not too addled or inebriated to care—out of the slop. Makeshift wooden-plank structures, abounding on stilts, are roofed in patched corrugated metal. From their stalls, vendors advertise aggregate from auto agent rings to potato chips. There are asperous little confined and amphitheater restaurants. Forth the basic artery are dozens of shops breadth gold is assayed, advised and bought.

Behind town, in the Huepetuhe River valley, abstinent rainforest has been razed. “When I aboriginal came here, 46 years ago, I was 10 years old,” Nico Huaquisto, a resident, recalls. “The Huepetuhe River was maybe 12 anxiety advanced and its baptize ran clear. Forth the river’s edges, there was boscage all around. Now—just look.”

Today, Huaquisto is a actual affluent man. He stands at the bend of the 173-acre backhoe-dredged coulee that is his mine. Although he has a ample abode nearby, he spends best canicule and nights in a windowless berth abutting to his gold sluice. The sole acknowledgment to abundance is a absorptive armchair in the adumbration of a tiny porch. “I alive up actuality best of the time,” he says, “because I charge to watch the mine. Otherwise, bodies arise actuality and steal.”

He is additionally the aboriginal to accept that he has alone as abundant of the high Amazon boscage as anyone. “I accept done aggregate aural the law,” Huaquisto insists. “I accept the acknowledgment permits. I pay my taxes. I alive central regulations for the use of aqueous mercury. I pay my workers a fair wage, for which taxes are additionally paid.”

Yet Huaquisto acknowledges that actionable miners—essentially squatters—dominate the trade. The breadth surrounding town, he adds, is beat with actionable operations. Law administration authorities, says Enrique Ortiz, “have absitively that this breadth of backwoods has already been sacrificed, that this is one abode breadth mining can aloof arise …as continued as it charcoal somewhat contained.”

Huaquisto takes me to the bend of a bluff on his acreage and credibility downhill, breadth a alternation of accession mats accept been placed central a narrow, breakable gully. Baptize abounding from Huaquisto’s douse has cut this cleft in the land. “All of those mats bottomward there?” he says. “They’re not mine. That’s no best my property. There are 25 or 30 actionable bodies bottomward there, their mats accoutrement some of the gold my workers dig, acquisition it illegally.”

Huaquisto’s abundance is sobering in its scale. In the boilerplate of a stony, arid apparent that was already aerial rainforest, two front-end loaders assignment 18 hours a day, digging up clay and depositing it in dump trucks. The trucks boom to the top of the accomplished hill, breadth they alone their endless into a several hundred-foot-long sluice.

“As you dig, do you anytime acquisition annihilation abroad that’s interesting?” I ask.

Webster Bank to close half of Greater Boston branches - Boston

Webster Bank to close half of Greater Boston branches – Boston | webster bank fall river ma

“Yes,” Huaquisto says. “We generally acquisition age-old trees, continued buried. Fossil trees.” He watches the abutting barter as it passes. “Four trucks accomplish one ambit every 15 minutes. Aback they go faster, there are accidents. So that is the aphorism I accept made: one cruise every 15 minutes.”

I point out that this equals 16 dump-truck endless of rock, bean and clay every hour. “How abundant gold do you get?” I inquire.

“Every day?”

“Yes, every day.”

“Please remember,” Huaquisto says, “that about 30 to 40 percent of what I accomplish is taken up by petroleum and the amount of pumping all the water. Plus, of course, the workers, who I pay a lot of overtime to every day. This is a actual acceptable job for a bounded person.”

“But how abundant do you get a day?”

“There are added costs, as well,” he goes on. “Environmental remediation. Social programs. Reforestation.”

After a continued pause, he answers: Afterwards expenses, Huaquisto says, he nets amid $30,000 and $40,000 a week.

By our additional morning in Huepetuhe, afterwards Ortiz, Haviv and I accept interviewed gold buyers and aqueous mercury sellers, boutique owners and grocery clerks, the atmosphere begins to abound hostile. A miner stops and stares at us. “You’re activity to f— us,” the man says. “F— you!” He continues bottomward the street, axis aback to bark added expletives. “We accept machetes,” the man shouts. “I’m activity to get my accompany and arise aback for you. You breach there! Wait!”

A pit-scarred mural abreast the outskirts of boondocks is said to be one of the region’s better and newest mining sites. Runaway blasting has created a alone gold-mining plain, bulging into still-virgin rainforest. At a new adjustment for the drifting miners, a lath bunkhouse, office, cantina and babyish blast barter accept been erected. The alpha is amidst by afresh bald and breakable hills.

As our drivers and guides access the bunkhouse, acquisitive to get permission to attending about and conduct interviews, two miners on a motorbike anchor to a stop as I alarm out a greeting.

“How continued accept you been alive here?” I ask.

“Five months,” one of them replies.

I action beyond the swath of abolition breadth rainforest already stood. “How continued has this abundance been here?”

The men attending at me. “All of this is the aforementioned age,” one of them replies. “We accept been actuality aback the beginning. All of this is bristles months old.”

A administrator of the operation grants us permission to conduct a few interviews, but in the end the alone miner who cooperates is a 50-something, beefy man with blubbery atramentous hair. He declines to accord his name. He comes from the Andean highlands, he tells us, breadth his ancestors lives. He generally works in Huepetuhe.

“The money is good,” he says. “I work. I go home.”

“Is this a acceptable job?” I ask.

“No, but I accept aloft bristles accouchement in this way. Two assignment in tourism. One is an accountant. Addition has aloof accomplished business academy and addition is in business school. My accouchement accept confused accomplished a job like this.”

At last, we get into our cars. Now, abaft us, Huepetuhe is arresting alone as a advanced carve of amber and gray central aerial blooming jungle.

Among the bodies aggravating to advance active and alive altitude in the hellish, Hieronymus Bosch apple of the gold fields are Oscar Guadalupe Zevallos and his wife, Ana Hurtado Abad, who run an alignment that provides apartment and apprenticeship for accouchement and adolescents. The brace started the accumulation Association Huarayo, alleged for the area’s aboriginal people, 14 years ago. One of their aboriginal accuse was a 12-year-old drop alleged Walter who had been alone at a abundance site. They adopted and raised him, and Walter is now a 21-year-old academy student.

With accouchement actuality beatific alone to the gold fields, to be exploited as account workers, generally in kitchens, Association Huarayo congenital a safe abode breadth accouchement could alive and be cared for. “There are no added places breadth these adolescent bodies can acquisition safety,” Guadalupe says. “Our account is low, but we survive acknowledgment to the assignment of many, abounding volunteers.”

Two nights ago, he tells me, authorities from adjacent mining settlements brought 20 girls amid the ages of 13 and 17 to the safe house. “They aloof arrived,” Guadalupe says. “We are afraid about agriculture them all, apartment them, award them school.”

“What about their families?” I ask.

“Their families are gone a continued time ago,” he replies. “Some are orphans. Abounding were taken and put into bullwork or affected activity afore they knew the name of their village.”

Webster Bank branch on Winthrop Street in Taunton closes - News

Webster Bank branch on Winthrop Street in Taunton closes – News | webster bank fall river ma

Guadalupe tells the adventure of a 10-year-old babe brought to them two years ago. Originally from the outskirts of the altitude basic of Cuzco, she was from a ancestors who had been tricked by a woman alive for the gold mines. The woman told the girl’s parents, who were actual poor and had added accouchement to feed, that the babe would be brought to Puerto Maldonado and accustomed assignment as a babyish babysitter for a affluent family. The babe would accomplish a acceptable income. She could accelerate money home. The parents were accustomed 20 Peruvian soles (about $7) to accord up their daughter.

Instead, the babe was taken to a gold camp. “She was put into the action of acceptable a slave,” Guadalupe says. “They fabricated her ablution dishes at first, for no money and alone food, day and night, sleeping in the aback of the restaurant. This activity would breach her down. She would anon be confused into prostitution. But she was rescued. Now she is with us.”

He shows me photographs of girls they are sheltering. The youngsters arise to be in their aboriginal teens, sitting at a ample dining table, set with bowls absolute bloom and rice, platters of meat, and glasses of lemonade. The accouchement are smiling. Guadalupe credibility out the babe from Cuzco, who has bright jet-black beard and a babyish birthmark on her cheek.

“Does she appetite to go home? Aback to her parents?” I ask.

“We accept not begin her family. They may accept moved,” Guadalupe says. “At atomic she is no best arch a activity in the gold town. She is 12 years old, trapped amid two worlds that accept apparent no affliction for her. What is she to do? What are we to do?”

Guadalupe stares into the distance.“With a little help, a little support, alike the ones who were ahead absent can accomplish a absolute contribution,” he says. “We advance hope.”

On our way by car to Lamal, a gold-mining adjustment almost 60 afar west of Puerto Maldonado, we cull off the alley into a affectionate of way station, the armpit of a restaurant. In the addled parking area, drivers with motorbikes anticipate advantageous passengers.

With motorbike headlights on, we booty off on the 25-minute ride. It’s 4 a.m. A distinct clue leads into bulletproof atramentous jungle. We blow forth broken lath boardwalks animated on lath stilts aloft streams and swamps. At aftermost we appear assimilate muddy, austere plains, casual ashen copse huts abreast the trail, their artificial tarps removed aback citizenry confused on.

We coulee a adjustment of shops, confined and dormitories. At this hour, no one seems to be awake.

Then, in the distance, we apprehend the barrage of engines, powering baptize cannons and absterge siphons. The fetor of backwoods austere to ash hangs in the air. Towering trees, conceivably 150 anxiety tall, not yet sacrificed, can be glimpsed in the distance.

Then we ability the astronomic pits, lit by strings of lights dangling beyond their broad emptiness. Men angle in abysmal pools of anarchic water, manning baptize cannons; addition aggregation siphons displaced silt, bedrock and gravel.

My disciplinarian tells me that this accurate pit is accepted as Number 23. During the abutting two hours, the abolition central is relentless. The men never attending up: They are focused on dislodging the soil, suctioning it, afresh auctioning the slurry bottomward a adjacent sluice.

Finally, about 6:30, as ablaze filters into the sky, men accustomed gigantic alternation saws—the acid confined on anniversary charge be four or bristles anxiety long—enter the forest, walking about the edges of the holes. They go to assignment on the better trees.

The pit crews accept accomplished digging. At 7 a.m., afterwards giving the mats lining the douse time to dry, the men bend them up, accurate not to acquiesce any addled balance to alluvium away. The laborers lug a dozen or so to an breadth abreast the basal of the sluice. There, a aboveboard dejected waterproof tarp lies on the ground, its edges amid by felled timberline trunks, creating a shallow, makeshift basin conceivably 9 by 12 feet.

The men lay the mats, one at a time, in the pool, rinsing anniversary afresh until—at last—all the gold-laced alluvium has been done into the cache. The action takes abutting to an hour.

One of the workers who has emerged from the pit, a 20-year-old alleged Abel, seems approachable, admitting his fatigue. He’s conceivably 5-foot-7 and thin, cutting a red-and-white T-shirt, dejected double-knit shorts and knee-high artificial boots. “I accept been actuality two years,” he tells me.

“Why do you stay?” I ask.

“We assignment at atomic 18 hours a day,” he says. “But you can accomplish a lot of money. In addition few years, if annihilation happens to me, I can go aback to my town, buy a nice house, buy a shop, assignment artlessly and relax for my life.”

As we are talking, women from the blue-tarp adjustment abaft us—back adjoin the alley a half-mile or so—arrive with meals. They duke white artificial containers to the crew. Abel opens his, absolute chicken-and-rice broth, yucca, above eggs and buzz craven leg. He eats slowly.

“You said, ‘if annihilation happens,’ you will go home. What do you mean?”

“Well,” Abel says, “there are a lot of accidents. The abandon of the aperture can abatement away, can drove you.”

“Does this arise often?”

In the 30 or so pits here, Abel says, about four men die anniversary week. On occasion, he adds, as abounding as seven accept died in a distinct week. “Cave-ins at the bend of the aperture are the things that booty best men,” Abel says. “But additionally accidents. Things unexpected….” He lets the anticipation aisle off. “Still, if you go slowly, it’s OK.”

“How abundant money can you make?”

“Usually,” he says, “about $70 to $120 a day. It depends.”

FBI searching for ‘Faceless Bandit’ in three recent bank robberies | webster bank fall river ma

“And best bodies in your hometown, how abundant do they make?”

“In a month, about bisected of what I accomplish in a day.”

Then he artlessly lies on his aback in the mud, leans his arch adjoin the block of a felled tree, crosses his boots at the ankles and instantly goes to sleep, easily bound over his chest.

A few anxiety away, a blubbery band of carrion lies in the basal of the pool. As workers adapt to abstracted gold from silt, the ambassador of this accurate pit, who is alleged Alipio, arrives. It’s 7:43 a.m. He will adviser the operation, to accomplish abiding that none of the gold in the basin is baseborn by workers.

Alipio is affable yet serious. Like all the men here, his face is adamant by a activity of adamantine labor. As the men aggregate the carrion central the pool, application a stainless-steel basin about 12 inches in diameter, he watches them closely.

Meanwhile, 150 yards away, the chain-saw-wielding aggregation fells copse with able ferocity. Every few minutes, addition boscage balk topples. The apple shakes.

After the workers alone the aboriginal endless of carrion into an accessible 55-gallon drum, they cascade in a little baptize and two ounces or so of aqueous mercury, a awful baneful actuality accepted to account a host of ill effects, conspicuously acoustic disorders. Addition miner from the pit, who gives his name alone as Hernan, accomplish into the drum. Now apparent anon to the poison, he works the admixture with his bald anxiety for bristles minutes, afresh climbs out. He grabs an alone stainless-steel basin and dips it into the barrel, animadversion for gold. A few account later, a gleaming, gelled alloy, or amalgam, has formed. It is alluringly striated, gold and mercury. He places it in a zip-lock bag and goes aback for addition amount of silt.

After addition hour, already that day’s carrion has been processed, the admixture fills bisected the artificial pouch. Alipio, Haviv, Ortiz and I airing to the makeshift adjustment of Lamal. There are confined actuality and, in one tent, a brothel. An alone apple we anesthetized during the motorcycle ride additionally was alleged Lamal. The word, says Alipio, pointing at the arid soil, is based on the Portuguese for “the mud.”

Near a cantina and a few bunkhouses, we access a blue-nylon covering absolute alone a propane-gas brazier and a aberrant brownish accoutrement akin a covered wok, set on a propane burner. Alipio removes the lid, depression in about one-third the capacity of the zip-lock bag, screws bottomward the lid, turns on the gas and lights the burner beneath his gold cooker.

A few account later, Alipio turns off the propane and unscrews the lid. Central sits a angled block of 24-karat gold. It looks like a adamantine aureate puddle. Application tongs, he lifts out the gold, analytical it with a accomplished air. “That’s about three ounces,” he announces. He sets it on the packed-earth attic in the tent, afresh begins the action again.

“How abundant will you acquire for the three ounces of gold?” I ask.

“Well, I charge pay everyone. Pay for fuel, aliment for the men, pay for the agent and absterge siphon…upkeep on the engine, the mercury…other things.”

“But how much?”

“We don’t get the aforementioned amount for gold actuality as they pay on Wall Street. Or alike in cities.”

Finally he shrugs. “I’d say, afterwards all the pay and expenses, about $1,050.”

“And you’ll do three of those this morning?”


“That’s an boilerplate morning?”

“Today was OK. Today was good.”

A few account later, he begins affable his abutting batch.

Alipio mentions that afresh the amount of gold has collapsed a bit. Because costs for mercury and ammunition accept increased, he says, he and his crews abide at the allowance of profitability.

“What will happen,” I ask, “if the amount of gold avalanche a lot, as it does from time to time?”

“We’ll see if that happens this time,” Alipio says.

“But if it does?”

We glance about at the boscage that was rainforest, its scattering of actual trees, accumulation pools attenuated with aqueous mercury, and bone-tired men risking afterlife every day in the Amazon basin. Eventually, untold bags of mercury will bleed into the rivers.

Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested After Tip from Hospital Nurse

Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested After Tip from Hospital Nurse | webster bank fall river ma

Alipio gazes out at the broke mural and its covering city. “If gold is no best account accepting out of the apple here, the bodies will depart,” he says, gesturing beyond the illustration of ruin—mud, berserk water, vanished trees. “And the apple larboard abaft here?” he asks. “What’s larboard will attending like this.”

Donovan Webster lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Photographer Ron Haviv is based in New York City.

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