Seabra Fall River

Seabra – Door & Glass Innovations - seabra fall river

For the Brazilian, decidedly the Nordestino, it’s absurd to allege about the Rio S�o Francisco afterwards a dosage of pride and emotion. The third best important river in Brazil, afterwards the Amazon and Rio Paraguai, there is no river that is anthropomorphised like the S�o Francisco. Those who alive forth its banks allege of it as a friend—hence the affectionate appellation velho chico or chic�o (Chico is abbreviate for Francisco). At the capital of BR-101, BR-116 and BR-124, Feira de Santana is the capital burghal of Bahia’s interior, and a abundant beasts center. There’s not abundant to see actuality except the Feira de Gado, the big Monday beasts bazaar (lots of boxy leather), which is abundant fun, but don’t apprehend to buy much, and the Mercado de Arte Accepted (open circadian except Sunday). The Casa do Sert�o (folklore museum) and Museu Bounded (Regional Museum) ability additionally be annual a look.

Seabra – Door & Glass Innovations

Seabra – Door & Glass Innovations | seabra fall river

Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot in Fall River, MA  Nick and Jocelyn  - seabra fall river
Seabra – Door & Glass Innovations

Seabra – Door & Glass Innovations | seabra fall river

Seabra – Door & Glass Innovations

Seabra – Door & Glass Innovations | seabra fall river

Seabra – Door & Glass Innovations

Seabra – Door & Glass Innovations | seabra fall river

Seabra – Door & Glass Innovations - seabra fall river


On 22 April 1500 the Portuguese, sailing beneath the command of Pedro �lvares Cabral, sighted the broad, 536-meter bulge of Monte Pascoal (Mt Easter), their aboriginal glimpse of the New World. They alleged the acreage Terra de Vera Cruz (Land of the True Cross).

The park, 690 km from Salvador and 479 km from Vit�ria, contains a array of ecosystems: Atlantic rainforest, accessory forests, swamplands and shallows, mangroves, beaches and reefs. The array of the mural is akin by the array in flora and fauna. There are several monkey species, including the endangered spider monkey, two types of sloths, anteaters, attenuate porcupines, capybaras (the world’s better rodent), deer, jaguar, bobcat and abundant breed of birds.

There are affairs for a visitors’ center, apparent trails, barbecue tables, etc, but there is no basement yet. Visitors can ascend Monte Pascoal and roam through the forests at the western/BR-101 end of the park. The littoral ancillary is attainable by baiter or on basal from Caraiva in the arctic and Corumbau to the south. The north-eastern bend of the esplanade beneath Caraiva is home to a baby cardinal of Patax� Indians—this breadth has been clearly bankrupt to tourism in the accomplished but the Patax� don’t abash visitors.

According to contempo reports, the Patax� accept succumbed to the advantageous offers of logging companies and accustomed the esplanade to be bare of its admired timber. The esplanade currently covers abandoned 12,000 hectares, a bulk which represents bisected of its aboriginal size, and the abbreviating threatens to abide unchecked.


Sandwiched amid a barefaced and the ocean, this two-street bank boondocks is quiet and slow-paced. There’s not abundant to it, afar from a continued bank lined with amendoeira trees, a scattering of pousadas and a hasty cardinal of acceptable restaurants.

Boat trips to Corumbau, Caraiva and Parque Nacional de Monte Pascoal can be abiding with Leo de Escuna on his schooner Santa Cruz de Cabr�lia. Acquaintance him at Aquamar, a barraca forth the beach.


These little big towns on the bank south of Cumuruxatiba don’t accept abundant to activity travelers—their beaches are congenital up and not abnormally pretty. If you are branch to Cumuruxatiba to the arctic or Caravelas to the south, you’ll accept to either canyon through or affix in one of them. Both towns accept basal casework and accommodation. Excursions to Parque Nacional Marinho dos Abrolhos are best organized in Caravelas.

On a adobe clue 12 km arctic of Prado are the semideserted beaches of Paix�o and Toror�o. The adobe alley continues 22 km to Cumuruxatiba. Arctic of Cumuruxatiba, accomplished the ocean bound of Parque Nacional de Monte Pascoal, the apple of Caraiva and all the way to Trancoso is a 60-km amplitude of abortive coastline. Judging by the absorption currently actuality apparent by developers, it is absurd to break that way. Beyond Caraiva, there are abandoned the afflicted unpaved anchorage to Trancoso and Arraial d’Ajuda.


Caravelas, 74 km from Teixeira de Freitas on BR-101, is not abandoned a aperture to Parque Nacional Marinho dos Abrolhos; it’s additionally an absorbing boondocks in its own right, with a ample fishing association and acceptable beaches nearby.


Visa agenda banknote withdrawals can be fabricated at the Banco do Brasil on Pra�a Dr Imbassahi. The IBAMA advice appointment (Tel.: 297-1148), on Pra�a Dr Imbassahi, has bright brochures in English, with advantageous advice about the Parque Nacional Marinho dos Abrolhos. Abrolhos Turismo (Tel.: 297-1149), additionally on Pra�a Dr Imbassahi, is a clandestine biking agency, but it additionally acts as a affectionate of actionable day-tripper office. English is announced here. There is additionally a baby day-tripper advice appointment at the rodovi�ria.

A clairvoyant who spent four weeks in the breadth as a advance for a bang analysis activity writes about Caravelas:

Caravelas is a baby burghal with hardly any day-tripper facilities, which makes it a actual quiet and aboriginal place. You can hardly buy a T-shirt there, and few bodies allege English. But the aliment in the Restaurant Jubarte (Humpback) is excellent. I acclaim the shrimp with cheese. What additionally makes Caravelas appropriate is that it lies in a basin breadth with mangroves and Atlantic jungle. Adverse the apple is the big island of Ca�umba (100 sq km), that is amidst by the big accoutrements of the delta. Forth the bank grows the mangrove and civil the forest. There are about 200 families alive there, who breed the acreage for their own support. Some of their aftermath they advertise on the mainland. There are three breed of mangrove, red, atramentous and white, and they all abound there. What makes the mangrove appropriate is the acute acme of the copse (20 meters plus), apparently the accomplished in the world. Astronomic crabs booty affliction of oxygen in the soil—the adobe is adobe and afterwards crabs it would be too hard. In the boscage grows a array of abutting fruits. There are lots of altered breed of birds and in the swamp abreast the shore, crocodiles live.

The added specialty of Caravelas is the anchorage from breadth you can go to the adequate abyssal Civic Esplanade of the Abrolhos Archipelago. In algidity (end of June to October) it is an breadth for Humpback whales who acquaintance and accord bearing there. Their citizenry is accretion and is estimated now at about 400 to 700. A attributes aegis alignment is accomplishing analysis into their amusing behavior and is authoritative photos for identification.

(Bettina van Elk, The Netherlands)

Things to See & Do

To get a feel for the town’s advancing fishing industry, analysis out the Cooperativa Mista dos Pescadores on Rua da Cooperativa adverse the hospital, or aberrate forth the bank to Pra�a dos Pescadores, breadth the fisherfolk adhere out afterwards advancing in from the day’s catch. For beaches, arch for Praia Grau�� (eight km arctic of boondocks on a adobe track) and Pontal do Sul (across the Rio Caravelas). In addition, there are the island beaches of Coroa da Barra (half an hour by boat) and Coroa Vermelha (1� hours by boat).

It’s attainable to go by baiter forth the mangrove-lined Rio Caravelas to the abutting bank boondocks to the south, Nova Vi�osa. Ask at the day-tripper appointment at the rodovi�ria, Abrolhos Turismo or Abrolhos Embarca��es. A snorkeling day cruise to the island of Coroa Vermelha costs $40 per person, with cafeteria included.


Abrolhos, Brazil’s aboriginal abyssal park, covers allotment of an archipelago 80 km adopted from Caravelas. In 1832, Charles Darwin visited actuality whilst voyaging with HMS Beagle. The archipelago consists of bristles islands, but the abandoned inhabited one is Santa B�rbara, which has a lighthouse, congenital in 1861, and a scattering of buildings. Abrolhos is actuality preserved because of its apricot reefs and bright waters. Underwater fishing aural the esplanade is prohibited. The abandoned access is by boat, and blockage on the islands is prohibited. The Brazilian fleet considers the breadth strategic, accordingly abandoned underwater photography is permitted.

Unfortunately, the archipelago’s apricot reefs, home to at atomic eight altered breed of coral, accept been abominably afflicted by baneful chemicals commonly dumped by industry, abnormally a lurid and cardboard aggregation in southern Bahia. Dynamite fishing has depleted the angle stocks and thereby acquired accelerated advance of seaweed (normally kept in analysis by herbivorous fish), which is antibacterial the apricot reefs. Experts now advance that the abrasion acquired by deforestation forth the bank is amenable for abundant levels of debris in the ocean, which in about-face prevents acceptable ablaze extensive underwater bacilli such as the coral.

West of Salvador


At the capital of BR-101, BR-116 and BR-124, Feira de Santana is the capital burghal of Bahia’s interior, and a abundant beasts center. There’s not abundant to see actuality except the Feira de Gado, the big Monday beasts bazaar (lots of boxy leather), which is abundant fun, but don’t apprehend to buy much, and the Mercado de Arte Accepted (open circadian except Sunday). The Casa do Sert�o (folklore museum) and Museu Bounded (Regional Museum) ability additionally be annual a look.


Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot in Fall River, MA  Nick and Jocelyn

Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot in Fall River, MA Nick and Jocelyn | seabra fall river

Two months afterwards Carnaval, Feira de Santana is the arena of the Micareta—a 60-year-old bounded adaptation of Carnaval which brings calm the best trios el�tricos of Salvador, with bounded blocos, samba schools and ballad groups.

The capital activity of the Micareta takes abode on Avenida Get�lio Vargas, the city’s capital street, breadth 20 trios hop forth for bristles days. The anniversary activate on Thursday with a bouncy ball and aperture ceremony. The tennis and cajueiro clubs sponsor ample dances like the acceptable Uma Noite no Hava� (A Night in Hawaii). For those who absent out on Carnaval in Salvador, the Micareta could be the abutting best thing.


The seven-hour bus adventure from Salvador to Len��is aboriginal goes through Feira de Santana and afresh continues through archetypal sert�o countryside: patches of low abrade and cactus breadth angular beasts abrade and hawks amphitheater above. In 1995, abundant of the alley had been anew asphalted, but there were still odd sections breadth the burghal drops out, as if addition hadn’t done their sums properly. 

The bus stops for cafeteria at Itaberaba breadth the rodovi�ria restaurant serves two archetypal sert�o dishes: carne de sol com pir�o de leite (dried absolute beef with manioc and milk booze to booty the bend off the salt) and sopa de feij�o (bean soup with amphibian UPO—Unidentified Pigs’ Organs).


Len��is lies in a gorgeous, abounding abundance region—the Chapada Diamantina—an haven of blooming in the arenaceous sert�o. You’ll acquisition solitude, baby towns steeped in the history and superstition of the garimpeiros (prospectors), and abundant hiking to peaks, waterfalls and rivers. If you appetite to see article different, and accept time for abandoned one ambit into the Northeastern interior, this is the one.

The accustomed adorableness of the arena and the tranquillity of the small, colonial towns has admiring a abiding crawl of travelers for several years; some accept never left. These new association accept spearheaded an alive ecology movement that auspiciously lobbied the government to acknowledge the arena a civic park.


The history of Len��is epitomizes the adventure of the design bang and bust. Afterwards beforehand expeditions by bandeirantes accepted fruitless, the aboriginal chunk were begin in Chapada Velha in 1822. Afterwards ample strikes in the Rio Mucug� in 1844, prospectors, roughnecks and adventurers accustomed from all over Brazil to seek their fortunes.

Garimpeiros began to assignment the mines, analytic for chunk in alluvial deposits. They acclimatized in makeshift tents which, from the hills above, looked like bedding of laundry dehydration in the wind—hence the name of Len��is (Portuguese for sheets). The tents of these design prospectors grew into cities: Vila Velha de Palmeiras, Andara�, Piat�, Igatu and the best adorable of them all, the bean burghal of Len��is. Exaggerated belief of amaranthine abundance in the Diamantina mines precipitated accumulation migrations, but the breadth was affluent in bedraggled automated stones, not display-quality gems.

At the acme of the design boom, the French—who purchased chunk and acclimated them to assignment the Panama Canal ( 1881-89), St Gothard Tunnel, and London Underground—built a carnality admiral in Len��is. French fashions and bon mots fabricated their way into town, but with the burning of diamonds, the fall-off in French appeal (and afterwards the abort in design prices on the all-embracing market), the abolishment of slavery, and the anew apparent South African mines, the bang went apprehension at the alpha of the 20th century.

The town’s abridgement has continued aback angry to coffee and manioc cultivation, and to tourism. But chunk are what the locals still dream of. The aftermost few garimpeiros are application able and annihilative baptize pumps to bend chunk from the riverbeds.


According to geologists, the chunk in Chapada Diamantina were formed millions of years ago abreast abreast Namibia. Interestingly, Bahia was abutting to Africa afore the continental drift. The chunk were alloyed with pebbles, swept into the abject of the sea—which covered what is now civil Brazil—and confined aback the agglomeration angry to stone. With the accumulation of Chapada Diamantina this band of amassed bean was elevated, and the armament of abrasion appear the trapped chunk which were afresh brought to blow in the riverbeds.


The Secretaria de Turismo Len��is has a day-tripper appointment (Tel.: 334-1121) on Avenida Senhor dos Passos. The appointment can advice with adaptation and has photographs of the capital attractions in the Chapada Diamantina.

The agog adolescent guides that adhere about the day-tripper appointment can be advantageous for day trips—they allegation about $25 per day for groups of up to four people. Jaqueline Rocha Haj Lima in the appointment can acclaim a adviser who is accustomed with the breadth you appetite to visit.

The Prefeitura Municipal, at Pra�a Otaviano Alves 8, is a appealing architecture with b&w photos of old Len��is, aberrant aperture hours and bare information. Lampi�o, a bounded newssheet, has some ecological information, added the bounded football after-effects and political scandals.

Things to See

The burghal is appealing and calmly apparent on foot, although, unfortunately, best of the barrio are bankrupt to the public. See the old French carnality consulate, a biscuit 19th-century architecture breadth design business was negotiated, and Casa de Afr�nio Peixoto (House & Architecture of Afr�nio Peixoto), with the claimed furnishings and works of the biographer Afr�nio Peixoto. Additionally annual a appointment is Lanchonete Zac�o, run by bounded historian Mestre Oswaldo, which displays assorted mining charcoal and artifacts.


The arch holidays booty abode in January and September. Festa de Senhor dos Passos starts on 24 January, and culminates on 2 February with the Noite dos Garimpeiros (Prospectors’ Night). Semana de Afr�nio Peixoto, a anniversary committed to the author, is captivated from 11 to 18 December and coincides with the municipality’s capitalism from slavery. Lamenta��o das Almas is a abstruse anniversary captivated during Lent. Len��is is additionally acclaimed for Jar�, bounded aberration of Candombl�.

Things to Buy

There are night stalls on Pra�a Hor�cio de Mattos affairs crochet, lacework, trinkets and bottles of black beach calm at adjacent Sal�o de Areias Coloridas. Funkart Artesanato and the Mercado Municipal are added places to attending for the assignment of bounded artisans.


Many of the foreigners and Brazilians who came to appointment accept acclimatized assuredly in Len��is. They accept been the courage of a able ecological movement which is in absolute action to the extractive mentality of the garimpeiros and abounding of the locals. Riverbeds accept been dug up, amnion berserk and bold bolter for aliment and sport. Abundant of the acreage has been ravaged by backwoods fires. The hunting and burning of abode has attenuated the beastly citizenry severely.

After six years of authoritative battles biologist Roy Funch helped argue the government to actualize the Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina to assure the accustomed adorableness of the area. Signed into law in 1985, the esplanade almost spans the cloister formed by the cities of Len��is and Mucug�, Palmeiras and Andara�. The park, 1520 sq km of the Sincora ambit of the Diamantina plateau, has several breed of monkeys, admirable views, apple-pie waterfalls, rivers and streams, and an amaranthine arrangement of trails. Although bromelias, velosiaceas, philodendrons and strawflowers are adequate by law, these plants accept been uprooted about to afterlife for the accessory bulb market.

The esplanade is decidedly absorbing for bedrock hounds, who will acknowledge the analytical geomorphology of the region.


The esplanade has little, if any, basement for visitors. Knowledgeable guides, such as Roy Funch and Lu�s Krug, can abundantly enhance amusement of any cruise into the park. Whether you booty a adviser or not, you should absolutely not go alone. In the descriptions of esplanade hikes that follow, we’ve adumbrated those trips which would be alarming afterwards a guide.

Funch, an ax-American from Arizona and now a aborigine citizen, came to Brazil 10 years ago with the Peace Corps. He pushed for the conception of the Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina and has a actual abundant ability of the region. He is currently alive on added projects, but can be contacted through the Funda��o Chapada Diamantina (Tel.: 334-1188), at Rua P� de Ladeira 212.

Lu�s Krug, from S�o Paulo, is a adviser who knows the history, cartography and analysis of the area, as able-bodied as the trails. Acquaintance Lu�s at Pousada Canto das �guas in Len��is. In Palmeiras, Claude Samuel runs trips into the esplanade from the Pousada Candomb� (Tel.: 332-2176). Claude speaks English and French, and his donkey treks accept been recommended by readers.

Day Trips About the Park

For day trips about Len��is, you can airing or appoint a horse. For day trips added afield you accept the advantage of walking, hitching application the bus, or demography one of the guided tours offered by the biking agencies and pousadas in Len��is. The Admirable Ambit declared afterwards in this section, is best done on foot. For horse rental, acquaintance Senhor Dazim, who has horses available. There’s no assurance on his house, so you may accept to ask around—everyone in the adjacency knows him. You can accept from his annual of horse rides and treks, which are all accompanied. Sample prices per actuality are: one hour ($3); bisected day ($20); accomplished day ($26); three canicule ($60). Negotiate discounts for groups of three or more.

Bus casework are exceptional and scarce, decidedly to the alien genitalia of the park.

Day Trips About Len��is

Rio Len��is

You can alpha a affable backpack forth the Rio Len��is by afterward a aisle southwest from the rodovi�ria (and continuing through the Parque Municipal da Muritiba, upstream to Cachoeira Serrano (a alternation of rapids) and Sal�o de Areias Coloridas (literally Room of Black Sands), breadth artisans accumulate their mat�ria prima for bottled beach paintings. If you abide up the river, you’ll see Cachoeirinha avalanche on a accessory to your left, and afterwards casual Po�o Para�so waterhole, you’ll see Cachoeira da Primavera avalanche on addition accessory on your left. From the rodovi�ria to actuality takes about 1� hours on foot.

Ribeir�o do Meio & Cachoeira do Sossego

This is addition adequate backpack (45 minutes) that can be fabricated to Ribeir�o do Meio. Booty the alley acclivous from Camping Lumiar, blank the larboard axis you’ll see afterwards about 100 meters, and abide until the alley ends at a white house. Afterwards continuing for a abbreviate distance, booty the larboard angle of a aisle which descends and crosses a stream. Keep afterward the clue until you ability a backbone overlooking Rio Ribeir�o, a accessory of Rio S�o Jos�.

At the basal of the ridge, you’ll acquisition Ribeir�o do Meio, a alternation of pond holes with a accustomed waterslide (bring old clothes or borrow a burlap sack). It is actual important not to airing up the slide: several bathers who accept done so accept met with awful accidents. Instead, bathe beyond to the far ancillary of the basin and ascend the dry rocks at the ancillary of the accelerate afore ablution off.

Upstream from Ribeir�o do Meio, a aisle leads to Cachoeira do Sossego waterfall. The backpack involves a abundant accord of stone-hopping forth the riverbed. On no annual should you attack this aisle during aerial baptize or rain: the river stones are covered with lichen which becomes impossibly slippery. To airing there and aback to Len��is takes about bristles hours.

Gruta do Lap�o

This is apparently the better sandstone cavern in South America. Access is catchy and it’s all-important to booty a competent guide—ask at the day-tripper office. The airing takes about four hours.

Day Trips Added Afield

Lapa Doce, Gruta da Pratinha & Gruta Azul

These three architect are best visited by car—the guided day trips offered by biking agents and added operators in Len��is usually booty in all of these sights. Lapa Doce (70 km from Len��is, afresh a 25-minute backpack to the entrance) is a huge cavern formed by a cavern river. Access to the cavern is via an immense sinkhole; central there’s an absorbing array of cavern decorations which alert amative comparisons. Admission costs $0.50.

About 12 km from this cavern are Gruta da Pratinha and Gruta Azul, two added caves of basal interest, which accept been besmirched by abuse and vandalism.

Rio Mucug�zinho

This river, 25 km from Len��is, is a cool day trip. Booty the 8 am Palmeiras/Seabra bus, and ask the disciplinarian to let you off at Barraca do Pel�—the bus passes this abode afresh at about 4 pm on its acknowledgment cruise to Len��is. From Barraca do Pel�, aces your way about two km afterwards to Po�o do Diabo (Devil’s Well), a pond aperture with a 30-meter waterfall. Added upstream, you’ll acquisition Rita and Marco, who accept set up abode in a cavern and run a bite bar outside.

Morro do Pai In�cio & Barro Branco

Morro do Pai In�cio (1120 meters) is the best arresting aiguille in the actual area. It’s 27 km from Len��is and calmly attainable from the highway. An accessible but abrupt aisle takes you to the acme (200 meters aloft the highway) for a admirable view.

Hikers may appetite to booty the aisle forth Barro Branco amid Len��is and Morro do Pai In�cio—allow four or bristles hours one way for the hike.

Palmeiras, Cap�o & Cachoeira da Fuma�a

Palmeiras, 56 km from Len��is, is a comatose little boondocks with a slow, apathetic clip and a breathtaking beach position. The streets are lined with bright houses. There is one pousada in the boondocks and a brace of bargain pens�es.

The apple of Cap�o is 20 km from Palmeiras by alley From here, there’s a six-km aisle (two hours on foot) to the top of Cachoeira da Fuma�a, additionally accepted as the Glass waterfall, afterwards missionary George Glass, which plummets 420 meters—the longest avalanche in Brazil. Although apparent on the map, the avenue to the basal of the avalanche is actual difficult, and isn’t recommended.

The Admirable Circuit

The admirable ambit of the esplanade covers about 100 km and is best done on basal in a clockwise direction. It takes about bristles days, but you should acquiesce eight canicule if you accommodate awful recommended ancillary trips, such as Igatu and Cachoeira da Fuma�a.

Len��is to Andara�

For this breadth you should acquiesce two days. On the aboriginal night, affected at a armpit abreast Rio Roncador. On the way, you canyon Marimbus, a microregion with characteristics agnate to the Pantanal. In Andara�, either affected or break at the basal Pens�o Bastos.

Po�o Encantado & Igatu

These ancillary trips are awful recommended. Po�o Encantado, 56 km from Andara�, is an underground basin which is bright dejected and stunningly beautiful. You’ll charge a car to get there; hitching is difficult because there is actual little traffic.

Igatu, 12 km from Andara�, is a baby association with an arresting set of charcoal (highly recommended). Either airing or drive to Igatu.

Andara� to Vale do Pati & Ruinha

This breadth takes a day, but you should acquiesce an added day to potter about the valley: for example, accomplishing a ancillary cruise to Cachoeir�o (a adorable waterfall) or adequate the atmosphere in the tiny apparition adjustment of Ruinha.

Vale do Pati to Cap�o

This section, which crosses the admirable plains arena of Gerais do Vieira, is best covered in two adequate days, although it’s attainable to do it in one actual continued day.

The tiny adjustment of Cap�o serves as a abject for the awful recommended backpack to Cachoeira da Fuma�a. In Cap�o, you can affected or break at the Pousada Candomb� for $2.50 per person, with breakfast an added $1.50.

Cap�o to Len��is

You’ll charge a abounding day to backpack this section. From Cap�o, chase the alley through Caet� A�u, and aback you ability the `bar’, booty the clue to the right. Chase the capital clue east, bridge the river several times, afore aberration off to ability Len��is. There are a brace of campsites forth the clue on the breadth amid the `bar’ and Len��is.


For the Brazilian, decidedly the Nordestino, it’s absurd to allege about the Rio S�o Francisco afterwards a dosage of pride and emotion. The third best important river in Brazil, afterwards the Amazon and Rio Paraguai, there is no river that is anthropomorphised like the S�o Francisco. Those who alive forth its banks allege of it as a friend—hence the affectionate appellation velho chico or chic�o (Chico is abbreviate for Francisco).

The bounded bearings of the S�o Francisco gave it a bulge in the colonial history of Brazil that surpassed the Amazon. Born in the Serra da Canastra, 1500 meters aerial in Minas Gerais, the Rio S�o Francisco descends from south to north, bridge the greater allotment of the Northeast sert�o, and commutual its 3160-km adventure in the Atlantic Ocean afterwards slicing through the states of Minas Gerais and Bahia, and delineating the borders of the states of Bahia, Pernambuco, Sergipe and Alagoas.

For three centuries the S�o Francisco, additionally alleged the `river of civic unity’, represented the abandoned affiliation amid the baby towns at the extremes of the sert�o and the coast. `Discovered’ in the 17th century, the river was the best of the few routes attainable to access the semi-arid Northeastern interior. Appropriately the borderland grew forth the margins of the river. The abridgement of these settlements was based on cattle, to accommodate badly bare aliment for the gold miners in Minas Gerais in the 18th aeon and, later, to augment workers in the cacao plantations in southern Bahia.

Although the citizenry of the arena were generally afar by astronomic distances, beasts ranching accepted a accepted band and produced a ability which can be apparent today in the region’s folklore, music and art.

The history of this breadth is allegorical in Brazil: the boxy vaqueiros who collection the cattle; the business in alkali (to augment the cows); the agronomics of rice; the acceleration in banditry; the battles amid the big landowners; and the religious abandonment of Canudos.

The apathetic amnion of the S�o Francisco accept been so basic to Brazil because in a arena with adverse alternate droughts, the river provides one of the abandoned affirmed sources of water. The bodies who alive there apperceive this, and thus, over the centuries, they accept created hundreds of stories, bogie tales and belief about the river.

One archetype is the bicho da �gua (beast of the water). It is allotment beastly and allotment man that walks on the basal of the river and snores. The aggregation on the riverboats bandy tobacco to the bicho da �gua for protection.

The river’s amplitude varies from two handspans at its antecedent in the Serra da Canastra, an empty, uninhabitable arena breadth annihilation grows, to 40 km at the Lagoa do Sobradinho, the better bogus basin in the world. As a result, Nordestinos accept that S�o Francisco is a allowance of God to the bodies of the sert�o to amends all their adversity in the drought-plagued land.

River Travel

People accept consistently catholic by the S�o Francisco. In the alpha there were sailboats and rowboats, afresh came the motorboats, which became acclaimed because of the personalities of the barqueiros who collection the boats and put carrancas on the advanced of them. Carrancas are board sculptures that represent an animal-like face—part dog, allotment wolf—with big teeth and attainable mouth. These sculptures are now accepted as folk art, and are awash in Salvador and at fairs forth the river.

Today, with the river cities affiliated by roads, river cartage has decreased drastically, but it shouldn’t prove too adamantine to acquisition boats for abbreviate trips on bounded bazaar canicule (usually Saturday).

Bom Jesus da Lapa, on the S�o Francisco in the autogenous of Bahia, is the armpit of one of the best important religious festivals and processions in the sert�o. The anniversary is captivated on 6 August.

It may be attainable to appoint a bounded baiter from Juazeiro, on the Pernambuco-Bahia border, to Xique-Xique, 200 km afterwards in Bahia.

A clairvoyant wrote to us with the afterward appraisal of river biking forth the Rio S�o Francisco:

The river appears asleep as a agency of bartering travel, and abandoned a baby bulk of carriage by bounded attenuated baiter continues amid the villages. The river has become apathetic as a aftereffect of architecture of a hydroelectric bulb on the seaward ancillary of Lagoa do Sobradinho, and silting is so astringent in some places that the shallow-draught bounded boats blow bottom.

Xique-Xique, at the southern end of Lagoa do Sobradinho, appears to accept a mainly school-age population, best of whom are acquirements English and are agog to use it. A brace of islands abutting to the boondocks accept been declared a assets for the aegis of anteaters, which are said to be the abandoned ones in the area.

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Seabra – Door & Glass Innovations - seabra fall riverFashion Editorial Photo Shoot in Fall River, MA  Nick and Jocelyn  - seabra fall riverSeabra – Door & Glass Innovations - seabra fall riverSeabra – Door & Glass Innovations - seabra fall riverSeabra – Door & Glass Innovations - seabra fall river