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When the 98-year-old bifold abettor George Blake died in Moscow on Boxing Day, my adventures of him was continued aback ready.

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Blake was a one-man Netflix series, whose activity tracked abounding of the dramas of the 20th century. A Briton aloft in the Netherlands, he was a boyish bagman in the Dutch resistance, abutting the British abstruse services, adapted to communism while a captive in Arctic Korea and became a spy for the KGB. He afresh beatific dozens of agents alive for Britain to their deaths.

His abomination so abashed Britain that aback he was assuredly unmasked, in 1961, he was accustomed the longest book in the country’s avant-garde history — alone to escape in a jailbreak so amazing that Alfred Hitchcock spent his final decade aggravating to about-face it into a film.

One day in 2012, I spent several hours with Blake in his dacha alfresco Moscow. I had gone assured artlessly to address an article. I larboard thinking, “That was the best absorbing account I’ve anytime done,” and eventually absitively to about-face it into a book that I spent years researching. I achievement it elucidates Blake’s life, the algid war and how he approved to acquisition accord with himself.

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The alpha of the book, appear abutting week, was my accord with Derk Sauer, a Dutchman who became a media mogul in post-communist Russia. (As able-bodied as founding the Moscow Times newspaper, he had the ablaze abstraction of starting Russian editions of Catholic and Playboy.) Sauer and Blake were friends. Some years their families got calm to bless Sinterklaas, the Dutch St Nicholas’s Day. Afore I flew to Moscow in 2012 to allege at a conference, I asked Sauer if Blake ability be accommodating to accord me an interview.

This wasn’t the array of affair Blake did much. Like best spies, he was a backstairs type. He was additionally accurate not to allege out about Vladimir Putin. A irenic democrat in his old age, Blake awful his adolescent KGB alumnus. However, he and his wife depended on Putin for their dacha and pensions.

Before Blake agreed to let me account him, he insisted on interviewing me. I phoned him at the agreed time, from Moscow’s Novodevichy cemetery, area I was attractive for the graves of Chekhov and Nikita Khrushchev. Like Blake, I had developed up British in the Netherlands, and on the buzz we batten Dutch. His emphasis was prewar chic. He was communicative and quick to laugh. He skirted about the affair of Putin, so assuredly I aloft it: I promised not to ask him about abreast Russian politics.

The added issue, he told me apologetically, was his family. His three British sons (establishment types) and his British ex-wife didn’t like it aback newspapers wrote about their ancestor the traitor. I agreed to broadcast the account alone in a Dutch newspaper. That annoyed Blake, and he arrive me to the dacha. I anticipate he did it because he trusted Sauer, because he accustomed accepting addition new to allege Dutch with and because he capital to ability readers in his home country afterwards 70 years of separation. He acquainted added Dutch than British.

I afterwards adjourned with Sauer that I could broadcast a book in English afterwards Blake died, aback his ancestors was activity to accept to alive with a blitz of publicity whether I wrote annihilation or not. In part, my accommodation to broadcast was acutely selfish. But I additionally anticipation Blake owed the British an explanation.

On the appointed morning, Sauer’s Russian bear calm me at the Stalinist-gothic Hotel Ukraina and collection me out of boondocks to Blake’s dacha — his above weekend house, a allowance from the KGB, area he was active full-time in retirement.

Even on a Saturday there were cartage jams but we accustomed early, so I went to sit in the sun in a bounded park. It could accept been a common suburb of London. Amiable white accommodation blocks belted a children’s playground. Bodies in western clothes anesthetized — a babe jogging, a man blame a pram, a boy in a baseball cap benumbed a bike with training wheels. With hindsight, that bounce morning in 2012 — aback the oil amount was over $100 a barrel, and afore Putin invaded Ukraine — was about as acceptable as Russian activity has anytime got.

Then I absolved to the dacha. In a quiet abounding lane a little old man with a dog’s-head pikestaff stood cat-and-mouse for me. George Blake had a bedraggled beard, apocryphal teeth, slippers and alarmist spots. His acclaimed dapperness had gone but he retained his deceiver’s charm. He opened a aperture into his all-inclusive garden, area we fought our way through a affliction of mosquitoes.

The dacha’s board exoteric was corrective ablaze green. “This house, you would not accept it, was congenital afore the revolution,” he marvelled. It was actuality that the Blakes entertained Kim Philby on 1970s weekends, until the two defectors fell out.

Blake’s Russian wife Ida and a yapping terrier came out of the abode to say hello. Blake took me into the conservatory. Abounding of the books on the shelves came from the library he had affiliated from Donald Maclean, his soulmate and adolescent British bifold abettor in exile. There were jacketless hardbacks of Max Beerbohm’s Zuleika Dobson, HG Wells novels and The Activity and Teaching of Karl Marx. On a windowsill stood a red-coated British Beefeater baby — conceivably a admonition of Blake’s imprisonment as a traitor in London, or conceivably aloof a souvenir.

Ida brought us tea and bologna sandwiches. The dog, Lyusha, comatose at our feet, got his own portion. Blake and I sat ancillary by ancillary on a sofa, abutting together, so that he could at atomic apprehend me. His dejected eyes were bloodshot. “I cannot see you,” he explained. “I see that somebody is sitting there, but who that is and what he looks like, I can’t see.”

Religion promises people, let’s say, communism afterwards their death. And communism promises bodies a admirable activity actuality on apple — and annihilation came of that either

That morning, he was 89 years old, the aftermost survivor of the British KGB agents who had defected to Moscow. Aback he accustomed there at the end of 1966, afterwards his jailbreak, Guy Burgess was already dead. Maclean and Philby died in Moscow in the 1980s.

I asked Blake whether he capital to allege Dutch or English. He replied, in Dutch, “When I get the adventitious — which happens actual hardly — I acquisition it actual amiable to allocution in Dutch. Possibly that is how I feel best at home.”

Settling beside him on the daybed in the conservatory, I asked him what he absent aback he anticipation aback to his Rotterdam childhood. “Well, of course, I absence my parents,” he said. “In the aboriginal abode my mother, to whom I was actual absorbed and who additionally admired me a lot and whose appearance I inherited.”

He was built-in George Behar in Rotterdam on November 11 1922. His father, Albert, a Jew from Constantinople, had served in the British army in the aboriginal apple war and had become a British citizen. A ages afterwards the Armistice, Albert was acquaint to Rotterdam to advice repatriate British prisoners of war. There he met Blake’s mother Catharina, a Dutch Protestant.

Blake told me his memories of his father: “He had a little branch — gloves for the address workers of Rotterdam — and he larboard aboriginal in the morning, and alone came home at about eight in the evening. Afresh he’d appear to our bedchamber and constrict us in and accord us a goodnight kiss, and that was absolutely all we saw of him. And he wasn’t healthy, because he had been blood-soaked in the war — gas poisoning. So he never played as big a role in our lives as my mother.”

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After Albert died in 1935, a letter accustomed from his sister Zephira in Cairo, area she was affiliated to a affluent banker. Could George appear and alive with them? His mother, larboard bankrupt by her husband’s death, agreed. George was agog on an adventure. Three years at British and French schools in Cairo angry him into a cosmopolitan. 

In September 1939 he was on summer anniversary in Rotterdam aback war bankrupt out. He abutting the attrition but yearned for greater things. In 1942 he fabricated a adventuresome underground adventure through Belgium, France and Spain to Britain. He told me: “I anticipation — and it was accurate — that already I had got to England and had training there, afresh I could do abundant added than what I was accomplishing in the Netherlands. I actual abundant capital to be a absolute agent.”

In Britain he abutting P8, the Dutch area of the British Abstruse Intelligence Service (SIS, now alleged MI6). One of his tasks was to escort associates of the Dutch attrition afore they were parachuted into the active Netherlands. In London, George, his sisters and their mother afflicted their ancestors name from Behar to the quintessentially English Blake.

A adherent Calvinist, he had advised to become a pastor afterwards the war. But acquaint by SIS in 1945 to the absolved Netherlands, and afresh to active Germany, he succumbed to the wine, women and song on action to the application forces. Afterwards he acquainted he was no best aces of a career in the church.

Instead he begin a new vocation in the booming postwar industry of espionage. In 1947, SIS beatific him on a “sandwich course” at Cambridge university for a few months to apprentice Russian. His assistant there, Elizabeth Hill, a angry anti-communist who had developed up Russian-British in crude St Petersburg, absorbed him with a adulation of her absent homeland. Blake claimed that aural a brace of months of starting her course, he apprehend Anna Karenina in Russian.

SIS afresh beatific him beneath adept awning to Seoul. In 1950 the Korean war bankrupt out. The advancing Arctic Koreans captured Blake and two added British diplomats, and marched them off north, calm with about 70 noncombatant detainees and 750 American prisoners of war. About bisected the prisoners died that winter, mostly of starvation, illness, algid or at the easily of barbarous guards on a afterlife march.

But Blake emerged from the acquaintance added anti-American than anti-North Korean. He anticipation the American PoWs were quick to die because actual balance had ashen them. He was abashed by American Flying Fortress bombers antibacterial Korean villages.

In one of his talks to East German Stasi admiral in the 1970s — those videotapes were amid my best sources — he recalled thinking: “What appropriate do we accept to appear actuality and abort everything? These people, who alive so far from us, should adjudge for themselves how to organise their lives.” He came to feel that he was angry on the amiss ancillary of the algid war. 

The aberrant affair is that I owe a lot to English people. English bodies arrested and bedevilled me and, eh, rightly. And English bodies helped me escape from jail

Finally, in February 1951, the horrors subsided. Blake was one of a accumulation of 10 French and British prisoners, best of them diplomats and journalists, who were captivated in a quiet farmhouse abreast Manpo, in the north. “Our actuality in that baby arrangement hut,” he wrote in his 1990 adventures No Added Choice, “was not clashing that of ten bodies who accept to absorb two years in a railway carriage, put on a balustrade and forgotten.”

Their adversity from afresh on was mostly psychological. These were able people, athirst and apathetic out of their minds. Blake learnt that alike a being with the richest set of adventures could acquaint his absolute activity adventure aural three or four months, and would afresh accept to alpha all over again. 

In bounce 1951, the Soviet admiral in Pyongyang beatific the prisoners a amalgamation of books. Alone one was in English: Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. The prisoners drew lots for the advantage of account it first, and bound apprehend it to pieces. But there were additionally three books in Russian: Lenin’s State and the Anarchy and two translated volumes of Marx’s Capital. The alone Russian-speakers in the accumulation were Blake and Vyvyan Holt, the British delegate in Seoul. Holt had absent his glasses on the march, while scrambling to adumbrate from machine-gun blaze from American planes. “Then he couldn’t apprehend any added himself,” said Blake.

“I apprehend to him. We sat on a burying mound, and we apprehend and discussed the books. He had been a civilian assistant of the English Indian government, and he was absolutely a assistant of the English colonial system. But he was a actual alive man and he saw that it couldn’t go on, and that article would alter it, and he anticipation that affair would be communism. He wouldn’t appetite to alive in a antipathetic country, but that was his prediction. And aback he was addition for whom I had a lot of account — he was my boss, shall I say, and we had actual acceptable amiable relations — what he anticipation had a lot of ascendancy for me.”

For a ablaze adolescent man whose apprenticeship had been disconnected by war, the readings with Holt were the university Blake never had. The two men additionally advised the Koran in Arabic and discussed Marx and Lenin with their adolescent prisoners.

The readings were alone the aftermost in a arrangement of adventures that pushed him appear communism. Blake had developed up a Calvinist who believed that aggregate in activity was predestined; it was a baby footfall to believing, with the communists, that history was absolute too. Although he no best believed that Christ was the son of God, he still anticipation “there should be a commonwealth of God with justice”. Calvinists banned of actual display; so did communists.

Many bodies will anticipate that the activity I accept led, that I didn’t deserve that life, but that is the way it went

I put it to him: “You swapped your adoration for communism.” I accepted him to balk but he said: “Yes, that’s actual clear. Adoration promises people, let’s say, communism afterwards their death. Because in heaven we are all according and we alive in admirable circumstances. And communism promises bodies a admirable activity actuality on apple — and annihilation came of that either.”

Was his communism a faith, aloof as his adoration was? “I anticipate so,” he replied.

The one affair that didn’t advance him into betrayal was any abhorrence of Britain.

At one point in the conversation, he alternate from a appointment to the bath with a new thought:

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Blake: Yes, that’s it, I appetite to say it: the aberrant affair about my activity is that I owe everything, able-bodied not aggregate but a lot, to English people. English bodies arrested and bedevilled me and, eh, rightly. And English bodies helped me escape from bastille and contrarily abiding my life, to a assertive degree. And that’s actual peculiar, if you anticipate about it.

Me: So you don’t attending aback in acrimony at England?

Blake: Not at all! To the contrary. I’m a abundant adherent of England and all that is English.

Me: But a abroad admirer. You don’t feel any adulation for the country.

Blake: Love?

Me: Sentiment.

Blake: That’s true. It’s more, eh — yes, but a actual ample admiration. Adulation is article different.

Much to his regret, Blake was never able to acknowledgment to Britain afterwards 1966, area he would accept been thrown beeline aback into jail. By law he was a traitor to the country. At heart, he wasn’t. In his words: “To abandon you aboriginal accept to belong. I never belonged.” He didn’t feel British abundant to abandon Britain. 

It’s notable that the three aimless advisers in his about-face to communism were British enactment types: Hill at Cambridge, Holt in Arctic Korea and RN Carew Hunt, the SIS theoretician whose handbook The Theory and Practice of Communism — advised to acquaint British spies adjoin the enemy article — addled Blake as accidentally persuasive. 

One evening, Blake secretly handed the Arctic Korean affected administrator — “Fatso”, the prisoners alleged him — a agenda in Russian, addressed to the Soviet embassy. He had beyond over.

In 1953 the prisoners were appear and Blake rejoined SIS. For the abutting few years, in London and at his abutting announcement in Berlin, he’d accommodated his KGB handlers on aphotic artery corners and duke over bags of documents, including, best culpably, the names of hundreds of agents alive for the British abaft the Iron Curtain.

Tom Bower, who for his adventures of the British spy arch Dick White, The Perfect English Spy, was accepted attenuate interviews with White and added SIS officials, wrote that afterwards Blake’s apprehension in 1961, “SIS admiral had contacted agents and sources throughout the accessory countries [of the Soviet bloc] and had assured that Blake’s betrayal had amount at atomic forty lives, amid them a Red Army abstruse able whom Blake had alone known.”

Blake advisedly accepted betraying agents but never accustomed that any were killed. He chose to alive in denial. 

When I asked him if he had any regrets, he replied afterwards advertence the betrayed agents: 

Blake: I’m apologetic about the adversity that I acquired to bodies in one way or addition and additionally in my own circle, because of advance I would rather not accept done that, but, well, I — there’s annihilation to be done about that any more.

Me: Do you still generally anticipate about that?

Blake: Yes, I anticipate about everything. Aback you’re as old as I am, you anticipate about everything, and afresh aggregate goes through your arch afresh and you see all those images from accomplished times, and I generally dream about badge and things, but eh — so that is absolutely the position.

Me: Images go through your head? What affectionate of images?

Blake [laughs]: I anticipate aback to everything. From let’s say the Calvé Delft [food] branch in Rotterdam to what I accept accomplished actuality in the aftermost few years.

The admiring bedmate and ancestor of three baby boys was bedevilled to 42 years in jail: “A aboriginal sentence,” acclaimed the prime minister, Harold Macmillan, in his diary. But Wormwood Scrubs in the 1960s was a adulterated ship: Blake climbed over the bank in 1966, application a braiding ladder befuddled by the Irish ex-prisoner Sean Bourke. A little over two months later, afterwards a spell ambuscade in Hampstead, aided by British anti-bomb activists, he fabricated it to Moscow. 

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Blake realised on accession in grey, ramshackle, backbreaking Moscow that he had accustomed up his wife and sons for a arrangement that didn’t work. He already told his acquaintance Sauer, with a guffaw: “After a anniversary in Moscow I knew that communism was the better disappointment of my life.” But he was an adjustable man, and appropriately lived out the blow of his activity there. He met Ida, had a son with her and in the 1980s re-established acquaintance with his British sons. The KGB fabricated him a colonel, and he pottered about in the IMEMO think-tank with Maclean, his final coach from the British establishment. 

I remarked to Blake that it charge accept been difficult to acclimate and acquisition happiness. He laughed: “Why do you anticipate it would be difficult? That depends absolutely on the person. The one finds it difficult, and the added doesn’t . . . I anticipate abounding bodies will anticipate that, eh — that the activity that I accept led, that I didn’t deserve that life, but that is the way it went.” At the end of our time together, he asked:

Blake: Well, what’s your acumen now? Are you afraid by aggregate I accept told you or, eh, did you apperceive it all beforehand, or . . .

Me: I had accepted a added adverse figure.

Blake: Ahhhh! Yes. Hahahaha. Adverse I am not.

Me: No, you’re affable.

Blake: Hahaha! Adverse I am not, but had you accepted that?

Me: Yes. You accept lived through a lot.

Blake: Yes.

Me: You took actual difficult decisions.

Blake: Yes.

Me: You lived in a time of activity and death, in Berlin, in Korea.

Blake: Yes, that is true. But that is the way it went.

His appeals to determinism had become instinctive. Human beings had no ascendancy over their own lives, their accomplishments were mysteriously predestined, and so he wasn’t activity to worry. 

I asked if there was annihilation Dutch I could accelerate him from the west. If it were possible, he said politely, he would acknowledge some Dutch herring or cheese. Blake, Ida and Lyusha came out into the lane abaft the abode to beachcomber me off. 

Afterwards, Blake phoned Sauer to say we had had a actual agreeable conversation. I charge accept that the activity was mutual. Colonel Blake had charmed me. I flew home to Paris and told my wife about this gentle, fascinating, cerebral, catholic and abstract old man. She acicular out that he seemed to accept dead 40 people. It sounded, she said, as if he had bamboozled me too.

When I began to analysis his activity and address my book, his agreeableness wore off fast. I never did accelerate him the herring.

Simon Kuper’s “The Happy Traitor: Spies, Lies and Banishment in Russia: The Extraordinary Adventure of George Blake” is appear by Profile Books at £14.99

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