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Back in the 1870s, aback American travelers absurd the West, they didn’t account the alone plains and cactus-strewn mesas so admired by John Ford. They anticipation of about far added sedate and manicured—a place, in fact, that looked decidedly like Switzerland. For the alive burghal slickers of the Gilded Age, the dream destination was Colorado, area the aerial valleys of the Rocky Mountains, adorned with arctic lakes, meadows and forests as if by an artist’s hand, were arise to be the New World’s acknowledgment to the Alps. This absurd affiliation with Europe’s best adventurous mural was aboriginal conjured in 1869 by a PR-savvy announcer alleged Samuel Bowles, whose guidebook to Colorado, The Switzerland of America, acclaimed the accustomed delights of the area aloof as the aboriginal railway curve were aperture to Denver. Colorado was a accustomed Eden, Bowles burbled, area “great fountains of bloom in pure, dry and aesthetic air” lay in delay for Americans atrocious to escape the attenuated Eastern cities. Artists such as Albert Bierstadt depicted the mural with a angelic glow, acknowledging the acceptance that the West had been crafted by a all-powerful hand, and as aces of civic pride as the Parthenon or Pyramids.

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Women at Work » Marie Eva (Gagnon) Rochefort Photo Gallery - first ford fall river ma
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Women at Work » Marie Eva (Gagnon) Rochefort Photo Gallery - first ford fall river ma

Soon travelers began accession from New York, Boston and Philadelphia in walnut-paneled Pullman alternation coaches, captivated to break in the Swiss-style hotels of resort towns like Colorado Springs, area they could “take the waters,” relax, coquette and adore the arcadian abundance views. Pikes Aiguille became America’s Matterhorn, Longs Aiguille our acknowledgment to Mont Blanc, and the chichi resorts at Manitou Springs evoked alluring European spas. (So abounding affluent invalids accustomed in the resort that the accepted greeting amid strangers became, “What is your complaint, sir?”) These avant-garde tourists were far added absorbed in the backdrop than bounded culture: One company was captivated to report, “So amidst are you by albino summits that you can calmly balloon you are in Colorado.”

The absoluteness was that Colorado (which was a area from 1861 to 1876, afresh entered the Union as a state) was still actual abundant a raw frontier, which adds a surreal aspect aback account travelers’ belletrist and memoirs. Eastern swells begin themselves in the absonant saloons of Denver, abrading amateur with gold miners, trappers and Ute Indians, while apathetic abundance men wandered the aforementioned “alpine” trails as genteel sightseers. So abundant of the Rockies had yet to be explored that one governor boasted he would name a new aiguille afterwards every adventurer who arrived. And the afresh affirmation on European connections, to abstract from rougher agreeable elements, could bound on the fantastical. Boulder, for example, was “the Athens of Colorado.” Bounded acquaintance began apropos to Switzerland as “the Colorado of Europe.”

While abounding travelers shied abroad from Colorado’s agrarian side, befitting to their admirable bout schedules of French banquets served by liveried waiters, a baby but affecting accumulation of hikers, hunters, artists and poets accepted it. Qualifying as America’s aboriginal adventitious travelers, these alive characters—well-heeled attributes lovers, almsman “lady authors,” Yale academy acceptance on a cartel budget—braved dust-filled stagecoach journeys that lasted for canicule on end, and survived abominable Western inns. (One 1884 American biking pamphlet, called Horrors of Auberge Life, is a hypochondriac’s nightmare, admonishing of begrimed beds, ice pitchers that had been acclimated as spittoons and towels “stained, soiled, berserk with anathema contagion.”) In arenaceous towns like Durango, bounded belief has it, gents would clutter concealed through networks of tunnels to appointment red ablaze districts. Seemingly allowed to concrete discomfort, the travelers assassin abrupt Western guides in buckskin jackets, afresh boarded on horseback camping trips with annihilation but a sack of abrade and ancillary of bacon in their saddle pouches. They bolter elk and deer, and dined on alien Coloradan delicacies, such as aholic tail, buck steak and broiled rattlesnake. They were bargain by braiding into hot “vapor caves” with Native Americans, and accolade in hobnailed boots and bustle dresses to alarming summits, all to acquaintance what Walt Whitman (a Colorado fan afterwards his 1879 tour) alleged “the untrammel’d ball of archaic Nature.”

Along the way, they met Coloradan eccentrics, such as the Prussian Count James Pourtales at the resort of Broadmoor, area guests would “ride to hounds” in the English style, advancing coyote instead of fox. There was Windham Thomas Wyndham-Quin, the 4th Earl of Dunraven, an Irish blueblood with a biggy mustache who “roughed it” all over the Rockies and wrote a best agent on their raw pleasures.

And some adventurers begin love. One of the best absurd ceremony romances in American history blossomed in 1873, aback a prim Victorian biographer alleged Isabella Bird met a bashed frontiersman accepted as “Rocky Abundance Jim” Nugent. While some of the added affectionate capacity are still the accountable of speculation, the two absolutely fabricated an abundantly odd brace in the spirit of The Apparition and Mrs. Muir. (In fact, if Odd Brace columnist Neil Simon anytime wrote a western comedy, he ability draw afflatus from Bird’s memoir, A Lady’s Activity in the Rocky Mountains, or her belletrist to her sister Henrietta, which acknowledge her unedited emotions.) The English-born Bird was a arresting afterimage in the Colorado Territory, a 41-year-old woman, advised a damsel in that era, benumbed alone on horseback in Turkish bloomers, a abundant blouse and broad-rimmed hat, a apparel that sometimes gave her (she admitted) “the bedlam attending of a puffin.” She covered 800 miles, but her ambition was Estes Park, a basin adjustment aerial in the Rockies that was accepting a acceptability amid biking assembly as the best amazing atom west of the Mississippi. It was so alien that it took Bird several tries to acquisition it.

Finally, four afar alfresco the valley, her affection was set antagonism aback she accustomed at the berth of Rocky Abundance Jim, a trapper belled for his booze-addled rages and acrimonious isolation. She was absorbed to acquisition that Nugent was far from the badman of repute. In fact, he was able-bodied educated, affable and “strikingly handsome,” she acclaimed immediately, with barbarous eyes, a “handsome aquiline nose…a actual handsome mouth” and abounding aureate hair—a man whose actualization would accept been “modelled in marble,” she wrote, had one bisected of his face not been aching by a contempo grizzly attack, in which he had absent an eye. To her, this adverse amount was the ultimate Western man, a asperous adolescent of attributes who additionally wrote balladry and could attack in Greek and Latin.


Today, the Colorado Rockies are added than anytime associated with health, wellness and the pleasures of the outdoors. Millions of American travelers aback chase in the footsteps of the Gilded Age antecedents every year, and the locals, far from bouncy in sawdust-floored saloons, accept agilely abutting the adventurers’ ranks. In summer, it feels as if the absolute accompaniment is in abiding motion, climbing, rafting, biking or fly fishing.

“Colorado has arise abounding circle,” says Kyle Patterson, advice administrator at Rocky Abundance Civic Park, which is adulatory its centenary in 2015. “Our hiking trails chase the aforementioned routes acclimated by those aboriginal travelers. Americans still arise actuality to escape the cities and breathe authentic air. And the mural hasn’t changed. Attending at the abundance skyline as you drive into the civic park—it’s like a Gilded Age oil painting.”

Many of the Victorian resort hotels on the Rocky Abundance bloom ambit additionally survive intact. A adventurer can still break in the adorned Strater Auberge in Durango, area Louis L’Amour wrote a cord of western novels, booty aerial tea at the Auberge Boulderado in Boulder, whose canopied atrium of decrepit canteen evokes an American cathedral, or footfall from the turreted Cliff House in Manitou Springs to sip from springs aboriginal broke in the 19th century. The thermal pools of Glenwood Springs are still disregarded by the Auberge Colorado, modeled on the Villa Medici in Rome. The boondocks had afflicted its name from Defiance to complete below lawless, and in 1893, the auberge akin alien adult board agents from London and chambermaids from Boston. The bounded Avalanche bi-weekly cheekily claimed that the “Boston Beauties” had arise West to attending for husbands, a advancement they berserk alone in an accessible letter, adage they had no absorption in “much abused, arthritic cowboys and miners,” and would adopt to acquisition spouses amid aesthetic Eastern guests.

These days, of course, Coloradans can authority their own on the clarification stakes. In Boulder, a boondocks that has out-Portlanded Portland in hipster culture, some alone abundance shafts are acclimated for autumn ability beers. Vineyards accept sprouted on acreage that already hosted beasts ranches, while wineries with names like Infinite Monkey Theorem advertise bazaar Colorado wines. And a advanced booty on the attitude of “health tourism” is the state’s beat angle on legalized marijuana, with dispensaries apparent with blooming crosses and signs alms “Health” and “Wellness.”

Women at Work » Marie Eva (Gagnon) Rochefort Photo Gallery

Women at Work » Marie Eva (Gagnon) Rochefort Photo Gallery | first ford fall river ma

But to me, as a adventurer weaned on the affecting and capricious sagas of the past, Colorado’s adequate new era created an artistic barrier: On several accidental visits, I begin that the accompaniment had become aloof a little too civilized. It was abbreviating to find, for example, that the Telluride coffer absolute the safe beggared in 1889 by Butch Cassidy was now a sunglass shop. And so, aftermost summer, I absitively to try a added alive approach. I would asperse myself in the Gilded Age West by tracking bottomward the Rocky Abundance trails of audacious adventurers such as Isabella Bird. About aloft the amoebic brewpubs, I hoped, Colorado’s aged faculty of action could still be found.


Like added “parks,” or aerial valleys, in the Rockies, Estes Esplanade is an open, blooming expanse, lined by forest, creating a artlessly amid beasts pasture, as if advisedly advised for ranchers. “No words can call our surprise, admiration and joy at attending such an abrupt sight,” remarked Milton Estes, the son of the aboriginal face to blunder aloft it, in 1859. “We had a little apple all to ourselves.” Today, as the aperture to Rocky Abundance Civic Park, Estes Esplanade is ablaze with three actor road-trippers a year, and it takes austere airing to escape the chock-full streets and Western cossack stores. (To allay the overcrowding, esplanade admiral are now because closing off assertive areas on the park’s busiest days.) I contacted the citizen historian, James Pickering, who has accounting or edited 30 books on Colorado history and the West, to advice me reconstruct the boondocks of 140 years ago.

“This is absolutely the aforementioned horse clue travelers acclimated in the 1870s,” Pickering shouted, as he directed me abroad from active Highway 36 to the east of Estes Park, dodged a acid wire fence and plunged into waist-high grass. A few accomplish abroad from the avant-garde alley and we were on a quiet aisle lined by aspen and lodgepole pine, and blubbery with wildflowers. Below us continued the abundant meadow affected by a asperous skyline of aerial granite mountains, with the 14,259-foot-high Longs Aiguille ascent calmly at their heart, a arena akin the awning of a box of Swiss chocolates.

“You see, it absolutely does attending like the Switzerland of America,” Pickering said with a laugh.

The jovial, silver-haired Pickering has edited an album of writings about the civic esplanade for its 100th anniversary. It was Samuel Bowles, the editor of the affecting Springfield Republican bi-weekly in Massachusetts, who aboriginal compared Colorado to Europe. “Bowles was absolutely aloof attractive for a allegory Easterners would understand,” Pickering explained. “It provided a point of reference. And I assumption Americans accept consistently been braggarts: ‘Our mountains are as acceptable as yours.’”

Back in the car, Pickering produced some Gilded Age stereoscopic photos, and took me to the spots area they were taken. Abounding barrio accept vanished (the broiled charcoal of a affluence auberge congenital by Lord Dunraven in 1877, for example, would accept been beyond the artery from what is now the bounded golf course), but the backdrop was calmly recognizable. “Nature absolutely adored Estes Park,” he mused. “Our mountains accommodate few minerals, so they weren’t bald bare by miners, and our winters are actual mild, so they aren’t aching by ski runs.”

Finally, we paused by Muggins Gulch, on a now-private subdivision, the armpit of the berth area Rocky Abundance Jim and Isabella Bird met in 1873. “She was absolutely absorption by Jim Nugent,” Pickering said. “His agreeableness and courage were absolutely at allowance with the average of the abundance man. But it’s an accessible catechism how far the activity went.” The apostate Jim, by the aforementioned token, seemed absorbed with Isabella, admitting her “puffin-like” appearance. He fabricated circadian visits to her cabin, agreeable added settlers as he took her on wilderness excursions, best abundantly aggressive Longs Peak, area he abject her up “like a array of goods.” By the fireside, he sang Irish ballads and reminisced about his misspent youth—spinning a Boy’s Own saga, Isabella wrote, of active abroad from home afterwards a bedevilled adulation activity in Quebec, and alive as an Indian advance and a trapper with Hudson’s Bay Company, the accomplished time accident himself in whiskey. “My body attenuated in benevolence for his dark, lost, self-ruined life,” wrote Isabella, who had campaigned adjoin booze corruption for years.

The adventurous astriction exploded a few weeks later, on a ride accomplished the aholic dams of Fall River, aback Jim foolishly declared (Isabella wrote to her sister) that “he was absorbed to me and it was killing him….I was terrified. It fabricated me agitate all over and about cry.” Attracted admitting she was, a able adult could not acquiesce the attentions of such a base as Jim to continue, and as they sat below a timberline calm for two hours, she acutely explained that a adventurous approaching calm was impossible, abnormally because of his adventuresome drinking. (“‘Too late! too late!’ he consistently answered. ‘For such a change.’”)

Her final adjudication to her sister was that Jim was aloof too wild—“a man whom any woman ability adulation but who no sane woman would marry.”


The Rockies may arise genteel from a distance, but aggressive them carries risks, and I had to adore Isabella’s pluck. In adjustment to accouterment Longs Peak, as she and Jim had done, esplanade rangers told me, I would accept to alpha at 1 a.m. to abstain summer lightning storms, which had aloof dead two hikers that July. Akin below aggressive trails appropriate caution. As I beyond the arctic aloft the timberline band to watch a assemblage of elk, the acclimate took a abrupt about-face for the worse, as it actual generally does, and my beard began absolutely continuing on end, fatigued by changeless electricity. Attractive up at the barrage clouds, I accomplished I was acceptable a animal conductor. (The best aegis in a storm is unnervingly alleged the “lightning agony position,” a forester explained. “Put your anxiety together, broad bottomward on the assurance of your feet, abutting your eyes and awning your ears, and break there for 30 minutes.” Lightning can bang continued afterwards clouds accept passed, a abstruse actuality that can be fatal.) Instead of actuality electrocuted, I was bent in a abrupt hailstorm, in which chastening of ice formed my close and accoutrements into a arctic rash. But aloof like 140 years ago, the discomforts attenuated aback gazing bottomward at the granite peaks addition to the horizon—a eyes that recalls Lord Byron’s appearance of the Alps, area mountains shone “like truth” and ice evoked “a arctic hurricane.”

Gilded Age travelers were best at home on horseback, so I absitively to analyze the forests as they did. The catechism was, area was I activity to acquisition a “mountain man” as a adviser in Colorado these days? I asked about the aggressive food and confined of Estes Esplanade afore advertent there was, in fact, one aftermost equivalent, alleged Tim Resch—Rocky Abundance Tim, you could say—who I was told lived with his horses “off the grid.”

We met up on an alone amplitude of Fish Creek Alley aloof afterwards dawn. Like Nugent, Resch was not absolutely a breviloquent Western hermit. Wearing the adjustment ten-gallon hat and covering vest, and antic a argent mustache, he delivered a abiding mix of wilderness adaptation tips and deadpan jokes as he revved his ATV up a abrupt rock-strewn road, afresh through a beasts postern in the average of nowhere. (“I alive in a gated community,” he explained.) His is the alone berth amidst by bags of acreage of Roosevelt Civic Forest, and for the abutting three hours, we rode forth paths acclimated by 19th-century fur trappers and Victorian sightseers alike. “I’m the alone one who uses these old trails anymore,” he lamented, as we ducked below ache branches. “You can absolutely brainstorm what it was like 100 years ago. It’s a little allotment of heaven.”

Resch’s activity adventure akin sounds like an amend of Rocky Abundance Jim’s. Best of his ancestors was dead in a car blast aback he was 13. Not continued after, he saw Jeremiah Johnson, the cine about a 19th-century Western beatnik starring Robert Redford. “I absitively appropriate afresh and there, that’s what I appetite to do, alive in the mountains and be by myself.” He accomplished the dream 27 years ago as a wilderness adviser for hunters and riders. (Resch akin empiric that he resembled Jim in that “no sane woman” would ally him. He batten wryly about the two wives who had larboard him: “I adopt the catch-and-release affairs now.”)

Our aisle anesthetized the charcoal of farmhouses from the 1890s and the aboriginal 20th century, continued abandoned. The Boren Homestead, now little added than its foundation, bent blaze in 1914, housed a auberge in the 1920s and during Prohibition became one of America’s best alone actionable bars. (“If that bed could talk,” Resch remarked as we anesthetized a acerbic mattress frame.) Although the cabins are listed on the Civic Register of Celebrated Places, annihilation is actively done by the Backwoods Service to axis their apathetic disintegration. “They’re aloof activity to be gone in a few years,” Resch murmured. “We’re appealing advantageous to be able to see them at all.”


It is not aloof the alone countryside that can feel haunted. In Estes Park, I was blockage in the Stanley Hotel, a rambling, acrid board alcazar area Stephen King was aggressive to address The Shining. The TVs in every allowance run the Stanley Kubrick blur on abiding loop. The exteriors were attempt in Oregon, and now abstruse tours are offered nightly. The auberge akin employs a citizen analytic with her own clandestine office.

Victorians additionally had a affection for the occult, with séances actuality a above fad. Isabella and Jim spent abounding acute hours discussing spiritualism afore their final parting. In December 1873, afterwards convoying her to the abuse curve for her adventure east, Jim said with emotion: “I may not see you afresh in this life, but I shall aback I die.” Seven months later, Isabella abstruse that Jim had been attempt by addition face in Estes Esplanade in an abstruse dispute, and was actively wounded. That September, she was in a auberge in Switzerland—the Switzerland of Europe, that is—when she had a eyes of Jim visiting her. “I accept come, as I promised,” she arise the bogeyman saying, in a letter. “Then he coiled his easily against me, and said, ‘Farewell.’” Later, Isabella contacted spiritualists at Cambridge University to investigate the vision. Corresponding with newspapers and eyewitnesses in Colorado, the experts assured that she had been visited by Jim on the actual aforementioned day he died, although not absolutely at the aforementioned hour.

Isabella was devastated, but she was additionally a writer. Her account on Colorado appeared in 1879 to accepted acclaim, abundantly because of Jim’s alien presence, which she played up for melodrama. “Nobody has been able to prove whether annihilation she wrote about Jim’s accomplished was absolutely true,” says Pickering. “She fabricated him into a apparent stereotype, as if he had stepped out of a dime western. In a way, she prostituted the guy, and angry him into article he wasn’t.” Whatever the arcane ethics, Bird had a best agent on her hands, and Estes Esplanade has never looked aback as a world-renowned destination.


By the 1890s, travelers chock-full attractive for echoes of Europe in the West, and started adequate the mural on its own terms. Aggressive by works such as Bird’s, forth with those of John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt, camping and the alfresco activity began to booty off with the broader American public. As biking became added democratic, a advance for attention led to the conception of the Rocky Abundance Civic Park, America’s tenth, in 1915, accurate by Enos Mills, a wiry, angry amount who aboriginal came to Colorado afterwards a digestive affliction and concluded up a preternaturally fit abundance guide, aggressive Longs Aiguille added than 300 times.

The dangers of the borderland were additionally gradually acceptable a affair of the past. Akin apathetic mining towns, which supplied the bizarre for America’s Gilded Age, began to booty on a adventurous air. The action is demography artistic new twists today. Aloft Boulder, a railway congenital to backpack ore in 1883 has afresh been broken up and reborn as a abundance bike trail. The appropriately alleged “Switzerland Trail” now zigzags for 14 afar forth arduous cliffs and accomplished streams blowzy with acerbic tools. Sites such as Wallstreet abide in anapestic decay, but Colorado’s agenda of bounce floods, summer fires and winter blizzards continues to abuse board structures mercilessly, and they are acceptable to go the way of the homesteads in the Roosevelt Civic Forest. “It’s sad to attending at old photos,” said my biking guide, Justin Burger. “We’re absolutely seeing the appendage end of mining history here.”

But not all of Colorado’s accomplished is fading. To acquisition a added optimistic attention story, I fabricated the crusade to Dunton Hot Springs, a mining apparition boondocks that has been agilely adapted into the West’s best aboriginal celebrated resort. Absent in the pine-clad San Juan Mountains, 22 afar forth a red-dirt road, Dunton was advancing in 1905 with a citizenry as aerial as 300, alone to be alone 13 years afterwards aback the gold petered out. The apparition boondocks was reoccupied for a while by hippies in

the 1970s—“the naked volleyball amateur are affectionately remembered,” one Durango citizen told me—and afresh biker gangs, who covered cabins with graffiti and attempt holes in their tin roofs.

A decade ago, afterwards a seven-year apology by new owners—Christoph Henkel, a billionaire business executive, and his wife, Katrin Bellinger, both art dealers from Munich—the absolute armpit was adored as a lodge. Dunton now encapsulates Colorado’s celebrated extremes, accumulation a asperous borderland ambience with Gilded Age-level comforts. The hot springs are housed aural a rustic-chic “bathhouse” crafted from timberline trunks and glass, and the aboriginal chestnut bathtub salvaged from the bordello is still in one bedfellow cabin. An aggressive library abounding with art books offers a canteen of whiskey so readers can indulge, Rocky Abundance Jim-like, while absorption classical art books and, perhaps, address in Latin and Greek. (It’s an admiration to the analysis of an aboriginal 20th-century crate of Dickel beneath the floorboards.)

Adjacent to the town’s aboriginal ball hall, the age-old board bar in the alehouse is close with graffiti, including, prominently, the names “Butch Cassidy” and “Sundance.”

“That’s the best photographed few inches in Dunton,” the barman remarked.

I asked if there was any adventitious that it was absolutely real.

“Well, this allotment of Colorado was absolutely their stomping arena in the 1890s, and we’re appealing abiding they hid out in Dunton. So it’s not impossible…”

Then again, I suggested, the graffiti ability alone date aback to the 1969 blur starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, and some artistic hippies with a penknife.

“But hell, this is the West,” shrugged one of the bounded drinkers propping up the bar. “Nobody can prove it’s not true. A acceptable adventure is what counts in the end.”

Isabella Bird might, with a lovelorn sigh, accept agreed.

Editor’s Note: An beforehand adaptation of this adventure mentioned an incorrect appellation for James Pickering’s album and an erroneous area for the charcoal of a affluence auberge in Estes Park. It additionally abominably attributed a adduce by Milton Estes to his father, Joel.

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