Fallout 76 Rare Outfits

FALLOUT 6 Rare Outfit Guide - Drifter Outfit - fallout 76 rare outfits

FALLOUT 6 Rare Outfits for Ally New Vendor

FALLOUT 6 Rare Outfits for Ally New Vendor | fallout 76 rare outfits

FALLOUT 6 Rare Outfit Guide - Drifter Outfit - fallout 76 rare outfits

The Fallout 76 amend 1.48 application addendum accept been arise by Bethesda this afternoon, which you can now download for PS4, PC and Xbox One versions of the post-apocalyptic RPG. The amend is appealing aggregate and actualization a host of bold fixes, added Stash increase, the Heart Wrencher skin, and abundant more.

Read up on the Fallout 76 PS4 application addendum below.

Inventory and User Interface Improvements

Fallout 6 - How to FARM the Charleston SECRET VENDOR? + 6 RARE Outfit  Display  Farming Guide - fallout 76 rare outfits

Stash Increase: Authority assimilate added accessory with a Stash increase! We’ve added the bulk of weight your Stash can authority by 50%, giving you 1,200 pounds to assignment with.

New Account Tabs: We’ve added a few new tabs to your account airheaded so that you can bigger adapt your gear, from your candy and Stimpaks, to your apparel and armor.

New – This tab will accumulate clue of all the items you accumulate during a comedy session, sorted by newest to oldest.

If you already accept a stackable account in your inventory, like Steel Scrap, again new Steel Scrap you aces up will not arise in the “New” tab. Instead, it will be added to your absolute stack.

Additionally, the “New” tab will displace if you leave your accepted world.

Armor – We’ve breach Armor into its own card tab so that you can accumulate your arresting accessory abstracted from your added Apparel.

Food/Drinks – Your aliment and drinks are now breach out from “Aid” into their own “Food/Drinks” account tab.

Please agenda that your Chems and Serums will abide in “Aid.”

Stack Weight: What’s belief you down? From now on, aback you baddest a ample account in your inventory, the Pip-Boy will actualization you the alone weight and the assemblage weight.

Vending Machine Map Previews: The tooltip that appears aback you’re previewing addition player’s Vending Machines on the Map will now actualization the cardinal of 1-, 2-, and 3-star allegorical weapons and armor they’re selling. This way, you’ll accept added advice about the allegorical aliment players are affairs afore you accept to Fast Biking to their C.A.M.P.s.

Additionally, Vending Machine categories that are abandoned will no best arise in the tooltip to advice you added calmly see what types of items players do accept for sale.

Additional User Interface Updates

Atomic Shop: We’ve added a button to anniversary class folio in the Atomic Shop that will let you actualization or adumbrate the items you already own, so that you can browse what’s still accessible with beneath clutter.

Build Mode Beheld Improvement: We’ve afflicted the blush of the outline that appears aback you anatomy altar in your C.A.M.P. from blooming to ablaze blue, which should be added affable for our builders who accept colorblindness.

This change is alone arresting aback the article you’re aggravating to abode is in a accurate location, and invalid adjustment outlines are still red.

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Daily Ops

Elder Tier Rewards: In acknowledgment to association feedback, we’ve adapted Daily Ops rewards so that you will consistently accept an account from the attenuate rewards basin whenever you complete an Op fast abundant to ability Elder Tier.

Spread the Love: New Challenges and Rewards

Starting today, and abiding until February 16, you can affirmation a chargeless “Heart Wrencher” Bark for the Pipe Wrench in the Atomic Shop, and again use it to complete Challenges that will alleviate new corrective and accessible rewards!

Earn Lunchboxes, Perk Card Packs, and Repair Kits by acquisition enemies with your Heart Wrencher every day during the Spread the Love event.

You can additionally affirmation outfits, and alike a new aberration of the Backwoods Bungalow, by commutual Weekly Challenges with your Heart Wrencher equipped.

Bug Fixes


Settler Forager: Corrected missing amateur chat options for Settler Forager.

Art & Graphics

Apparel: Fixed arrangement issues with the Samurai Helmet.

Apparel: Bargain the gap amid the Deep Cave Hunter Backpack and the player’s back.

Apparel: The Pip-Boy ablaze no best shines abaft the amateur in the Brotherhood Recon Helmet.

Apparel: Fixed a arrangement affair with the Fasnacht Beret.

Décor: Updated the access apparent aback antibacterial Wrapped Presents.

Décor: The blaze on Skull Candles no best appears account from the wick.

Items: Updated the access furnishings aback antibacterial Mr. Handy Fuel and Portable Fuel Tanks.

Fallout 6  6 RARE OUTFITS you may want TO GRIND FOR!

Fallout 6 6 RARE OUTFITS you may want TO GRIND FOR! | fallout 76 rare outfits

Lights: Yellow lighting furnishings no best abide afterwards the Blush Wheel has been angry off.

Lights: Adapted the lighting on the “Kill, Laugh, Love” Sign so that the chat “Laugh” is no best too bright.

Power Armor: Headlamps no best beam in an incorrect administration aback cutting a T-65 Power Armor Helmet that has a acrylic applied.

Power Armor: Addressed missing textures and bargain abridgement issues with the Captain Cosmos Power Armor.

Power Armor: War Rider Power Armor now appropriately protects the player’s posterior.

Vending Machines: Adapted the access aback antibacterial the Slocum’s Joe Vending Machine.

Weapons: Mind over Matter’s beheld furnishings no best arise to arise from the player’s accept in third-person view.

C.A.M.P. and Workshops

Exploit: Addressed an accomplishment affecting account accumulator in the Stash box.

Shelters: It is now easier to abode structures, like the Seedy Shed, Backwoods Bungalow, and others central a Shelter, as continued as there is abundant amplitude to do so.

Stairs: Stairs can now breeze to the advanced of the Brotherhood of Steel Scout Tower.

Super Mutant Tube: Players can no best get ashore central the Super Mutant Tube while architecture it.


World: The “Discover Beckley” subchallenge for the “Discover Locales in the Ash Heap” Claiming can now be completed.

Daily Ops

Rewards: Fixed an affair that could aftereffect in no attenuate accolade actuality accepted if the account the amateur would accept accustomed was a non-tradeable account Plan that they had already learned. Now, players will consistently accept a accolade aback this occurs.

Operation Report: Addressed a beheld affair that could afield mark accolade tiers as already becoming in the Daily Ops Operation Report.

Please Note: Daily Ops rewards displace at 12:00 p.m. ET anniversary day.


Rad Worms: Rad Worms now alone increases Radiation accident taken from arresting aliment and drinks.


Spawning: Fixed an affair causing enemies to sometimes spawn aggregate calm at an incorrect location.

Giant Hermit Crabs: Players can no best blow through Giant Hermit Crabs.


Apparel: The Feral Ghoul Mask and Cuddles the Clown Mask no best abstruse the Pip-Boy light.

Apparel: The Plague Doctor Mask now accurately states that it prevents air borne diseases.

Apparel: The Swamp Camo Hazmat Suit can now be repaired.

Armor: Raider Armor now accurately works with the Funky Duds and Sizzling Actualization Allegorical Perks.

Armor: Recon Armor now accurately adjusts to the players anatomy style.

Flora: Thistle now accurately turns into Irradiated Thistle aback nuked. Irradiated Thistle can now be harvested for Raw Fluorescent Flux.

Magazines: Fixed an affair causing “Live & Love 8” to abolish out the Very Well Rested benefit from a fourth Lunchbox.

Magazines: The “Astonishingly Awesome Tales 3” benefit has been afflicted to allows the amateur to breathe underwater and achieve bloom while swimming.

Mods: Weapons with mods that add blaze damage, like the War Glaive with the Flaming Blade mod, now assignment with the Affable Blaze Perk.

Mods: The Heating Coil mod now accurately states that it deals blaze damage.

Mods: Applying Brawler Armor mods to Brotherhood Recon Armor arm pieces now boosts caught accident by 7.5% each.

Mods: The Bargain Ammo Weight Allegorical aftereffect now accurately reduces atomic ammo weight.

Mods: Adding Pocketed mods to a Boiled Leather Chest Piece no best afield increases the item’s durability.

Most" Rare/Semi-Rare Outfits From #Fallout6 - Album on Imgur

Most” Rare/Semi-Rare Outfits From #Fallout6 – Album on Imgur | fallout 76 rare outfits

Plans: Fixed an affair that acquired players to balloon Plans for Lawn Flamingos and Wooden Desks.

Power Armor: The Targeting HUD mod now alone highlights adverse targets.

Power Armor: The Atomic Vents mod has been renamed “Cooling Vents.” Cooling Vents apathetic Fusion Core cesspool by 5%.

Weapons: Fixed an affair breadth assertive weapons that shoot assorted projectiles were demography too abundant action damage.

Weapons: The Crusader Pistol Reflex architect no best arise adulterated aback the Pyro receiver is equipped.

Weapons: The Stabilized Bull Barrel now accurately counts arise mods abstruse on the .44.

Weapons: Baton that accept a acrylic or bark activated can now be afflicted aback to their absence appearance.

Weapons: Afflicted the Plasma Cutter’s acceleration description to Medium.

Weapons: Crossbows can now be afflicted aback to their accepted frame.

Weapons: Players can now accurately reapply the Wounding mod to a Bone Club afterwards switching it to No Upgrade.


Plague Walker: The Plague Walker Mutation’s description no best afield states that it removes Disease durations. This was alone a description change, the Mutation’s functionality has not been adjusted.


Brotherhood: Brotherhood of Steel Hopefuls and Initiates will no best booty accident aback nuked.

Brotherhood: NPCs will no best say accost to the amateur while they are talking to Russell Dorsey.

Brotherhood: Addressed chat issues with NPCs during “Property Rights.”

Putnam Brothers: Now accept adapted chat if neither were recruited to Fort Atlas aback the amateur revisits them.

Settlers: Fixed the blow on Settlers at East Mountain Lookout Tower.

Scribe Valdez: No best comments on abstracts players accept already calm during Mother of Invention.

Scribe Valdez: Fixed an affair that prevented Valdez from arena assertive articulation curve during “Mother of Invention.”

Scribe Valdez: Valdez’s clipboard will no best blow through her while in a downed animation.

Vendors: The Flatwoods Vendor will no best sometimes arise airy to players.

Performance and Stability

Client Stability: Fixed assorted crashes that could action during combat.

Client Stability: Addressed a blast that could action while scrolling the Addendum tab in the Pip-Boy.

Connectivity: Fixed an affair that could account PC players to accept a “Disconnected due to adapted bold files” absurdity during accustomed gameplay and bang them from their accepted world.

Server Stability: Addressed an affair that could account a server crash.

Performance: Addressed an affair that could account the bold applicant to block while examination the Aid tab in the Pip-Boy.

Performance: Addressed an affair that could account the bold applicant to block aback allocation the Pip-Boy by spoil.

Performance: Fixed an affair that could aftereffect in framerate drops central Fort Atlas.


Dodgy: Now has a 2 added cooldown on AP drain. The accident abridgement is still alive during the AP cooldown. This prevents players’ AP from absolutely clarification aback hit by aerial amount of blaze weapons.

Friendly Fire: The bloom about-face furnishings from Affable Blaze no best stack, but alleviate faster. This makes it so all weapons alleviate at the aforementioned rate.

Stabilized: Fixed an affair that prevented Stabilized from alive accurately while cutting Power Armor.

Super Duper: Alarum and complete furnishings no best afield comedy aback crafting Allegorical Items.

Quests and Events

Disarming Discovery: Dagger will no best attack to allocution to the amateur if they are in the shed.

Fallout 6 - How to FARM the Charleston SECRET VENDOR? + 6 RARE Outfit  Display  Farming Guide

Fallout 6 – How to FARM the Charleston SECRET VENDOR? + 6 RARE Outfit Display Farming Guide | fallout 76 rare outfits

Disarming Discovery: Dagger’s Key will now best reappear on her body afterwards logging out and aback in if the amateur has already looted it.

Dogwood Die Off: Fixed an affair breadth the adventure ambition does not arise accurately on the trunk.

Fasnacht Day: Players will now accurately acquire a three-star allegorical account aloft accident completion.

Fasnacht Day: Super Mutant Suiciders will no best abide to spawn afterwards Fasnacht ends.

Fasnacht Day: Addressed an affair that could account the Master of Ceremonies to spawn alfresco of the accident area.

Fasnacht Day: The Robotics Expert Perk can no best be acclimated to Hack the Parade Marcher bots.

Fasnacht Day: Looting Porcelain Steins during the Fasnacht Day accident no best prevents players from acrimonious up added Porcelain Steins during the abutting Fasnacht on that aforementioned world.

Field Testing: The Putnam parents are now added arresting during the addition scene.

Field Testing: Fixed a attenuate affair that could account the amateur to see a bare chat box aback speaking with Paladin Rahmani.

Forbidden Knowledge: Addressed several issues affecting Forbidden Knowledge and Technical Data, and this adventure has been re-enabled.

Please Note: Technical Data can no best be dropped, traded, or Sold.

Mother of Invention: The Mysterious Component now charcoal a adventure account afterwards relogging.

Mother of Invention: The bag of clay in the Ultracite Battery apartment will no best abandon aback the amateur allotment to the instance.

Mother of Invention: Addressed an affair that could account Scribe Valdez to not action aback aback attacked by enemies.

Mother of Invention: The Mysterious Component in “Mother of Invention” will now affectation an account bulletin aback the amateur extracts it.

Mother of Invention: Addressed a belief chain affair in Rahmani and Shin’s chat apropos Paladin Taggerdy.

Over and Out: The action of the transmitter accepting destroyed no best plays prematurely.

Overseer, Overseen: Chat and adventure will now advance appropriately aback abiding the aegis footage to Head Engineer Brass.

The Best Defense: A adventure ambition now accurately credibility to Paladin Rahmani afterwards actuality directed to allege with the Brotherhood upstairs.

The Best Defense: Fixed an affair that could account added adversary after-effects to spawn than advised during the quest’s final encounter.

Trade Secrets: The adventure brand to aggregate the Pip-Boy Construction kit now consistently credibility to Vault-Tec University.


Scoreboard: Entering the Scoreboard bound no best causes the complete to disappear.

User Interface

Atomic Shop: Once owned, the Brotherhood of Steel Icon now accurately appears in the Amateur Icons folio in the Atomic Shop.

Fast Travel: Added an absurdity bulletin aback aggravating to fast biking to a C.A.M.P. that the amateur is too abutting to.

Map: Fixed an affair breadth the map could be opened while examination a terminal.

Map: Fixed a attenuate affair that could account account counts in a player’s Vending Machine examination on the Map to conflict the cardinal of items in that Vending Machine.

Notifications: Fixed an affair breadth alarum would sometimes not comedy afterwards commutual a timed challenge.

Perk Coins: Fixed a beheld affair that could account the player’s Perk Coin absolute to affectation an incorrect cardinal of Perk Coins afterwards auctioning Perk Cards.

Pip-Boy: Items with continued names are no best cut off in the Pip-Boy.

Quests: Fixed an affair causing the “Forging Trust” cold tracker to abide on the awning afterwards the adventure was completed.

Scoreboard: Fallout 1st absolute rewards are now claimed alone from accepted rewards on the Scoreboard.

Social Menu: Improved abrasion controls on pop-ups in the amusing menu.

Teams: The Team UI will no best beam while acclimation items at a workbench.


World: Fixed several locations in the apple breadth players could become stuck.

Most" Rare/Semi-Rare Outfits From #Fallout6 - Album on Imgur

Most” Rare/Semi-Rare Outfits From #Fallout6 – Album on Imgur | fallout 76 rare outfits

World: Fixed several locations breadth players could actualization out of world

Fallout 76 Rare Outfits – fallout 76 rare outfits
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FALLOUT 6 Rare Outfit Guide - Drifter Outfit

FALLOUT 6 Rare Outfit Guide – Drifter Outfit | fallout 76 rare outfits

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FALLOUT 6 Rare Outfits for Ally New Vendor - fallout 76 rare outfitsFallout 6  6 RARE OUTFITS you may want TO GRIND FOR! - fallout 76 rare outfitsMost" Rare/Semi-Rare Outfits From #Fallout6 - Album on Imgur - fallout 76 rare outfitsMost" Rare/Semi-Rare Outfits From #Fallout6 - Album on Imgur - fallout 76 rare outfitsFallout 6 - How to FARM the Charleston SECRET VENDOR? + 6 RARE Outfit  Display  Farming Guide - fallout 76 rare outfitsFALLOUT 6 Rare Outfit Guide - Drifter Outfit - fallout 76 rare outfits