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A One-In-A-Million Friendship: The G-Man and the Mob Hitman. David Gentile and John Alite (l-to-r), … [ ] at Mare Monte restaurant, Haddonfield, NJ.

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edtavares5's Pizza Review at Dave's Pizza  One Bite - daves pizza fall river ma

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edtavares5’s Pizza Review at Dave’s Pizza One Bite | daves pizza fall river ma

Dave's Pizza menu in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA - daves pizza fall river ma

His history speaks for itself.  But he’s added of a man than apparently 90% of the bodies I’ve interfaced with. There’s alone a scattering of individuals that I would assurance with my life, and with my annual as a person, and one of those is John Alite.    —David Gentile, retired FBI agent

Without a doubt, Dave adored my life. He accomplished me to anticipate like a admirer and not through the eyes of acrimony in the artery that I had—to ascendancy my attitude and not acknowledge in the agitated agency I acted.                    —John Alite, retired Gambino ancestors hitman

The allowance fell asleep quiet when an admired retired FBI abettor alleged David Gentile alien a “very abutting claimed friend” to a roomful of boys (many fatherless) in allegation of role models. That accessory of his was John Alite, a onetime murder-machine for the Gambino clan—one of the acclaimed “Five Families” of New York organized crime. The blow took abode in September in Camden, New Jersey, which, admitting its babyish admeasurement (pop: 115,000), ranks amid the ten best alarming cities in America. “He was a bad actuality abounding years ago,” said Gentile, putting it mildly. “And afterwards tonight, aback you go online and chase his name, you’re gonna apprehend far added than I’m able to acquaint you tonight. But he’s a good man.”

What followed was an hour of appalling revelations, abjure and warnings. Picture a “Miracle on 34th Street” Christmas drama, alone this one tagged Escape from 79th and Jamaica Avenue, Alite’s above abomination hub. “My activity was a blend and now my life’s about a message,” Alite said, afterwards Gentile hugged him and handed over the mic. “…When me and Dave became accompany he begged me to change my life.” 

Alite batten of a adamantine adolescence in gang-heavy Woodhaven, Queens (he and pals alleged it Deathhaven) that included actuality confused by a priest. He batten about authoritative and blow multi-millions in assets and businesses (including celebrity-packed nightclubs, valet-parking enterprises, absolute estate, “the hottest atramentous Corvette in Florida”). He batten about cutting dozens of adolescent hoods; abandoning his kids as a fugitive; the atrocity of his 14 years of bastille stints—and about accepting betrayed in the mid-2000s by the Gambino mob, afresh crumbling beneath the administration of the abominable Gotti family.

The bounded accumulation that sponsored the event, Men Empowering Nations, is an awe-inspiring, faith-based nonprofit focused on mentoring. “Man, this is exactly what we need,” said Camden’s ambassador that night about Alite’s and Gentile’s appearance.

While Alite is hardly the aboriginal retired brigand to do acceptable deeds, what makes his story particularly acute for burghal adolescence is that he wasn’t aloof a killer, he was a big earner for the mob. For years he was John A. “Junior” Gotti’s enforcer, as able-bodied as business partner. One of his nicknames was “The Calculator” due to his banking acumen. Two skillsets, “a amalgam gangster… an barring to the rule,” says Ted Otto, a accepted FBI abettor who debriefed Alite for years starting in 2007 (and to an admeasurement still does).  

“Go to work, go to sports, you don’t gotta be rich,” implored Alite. “All that loyalty, all that killing I did. I believed in article that don’t exist. I had all this money, houses, women—it’s all fake.” Alite batten of extensive out to the babe of a bandit whose annihilation he arranged, and basic a band with her. He arrive the kids to alarm or appointment him anytime they acquainted a need. He’s done added than 20 such talks. The message: “I acquaint them, afterwards you aching or annihilate somebody, attending in the mirror and aloof shoot yourself in the head, because that’s what you’re doing.”

MUG SHOT, BRAZIL: Alite spent about three years on the lam, ambiguity about the apple on afflicted … [ ] passports.

When the absolute history of the American mafia gets written, it should accommodate a affiliate about Alite and Gentile [pronounced AY-lite and Gen-TEEL]. Their arresting band developed boring and by adventitious 20 years ago (when Alite was still a hitman and Gentile still a G-Man). The retired abettor believes it was “preordained in the stars.” He served as the key role archetypal for Alite to accomplish his aching years-long accommodation to go straight, rat out mobsters who were ratting on he and others, and deep-six his weaponry. Meanwhile, Alite has helped Gentile cope with adverse claimed tragedies in his own life—including one that addled in October, a ages afterwards the Camden event, with the abrupt afterlife of his adolescent grandson, Nicky, who his grandparents aloft aback childhood.  

As a thug, Alite got affluent from the accepted bandit actuality like extortion, loansharking, drug-trafficking and actionable sports gambling—while abrasion the profits through accepted assets. His enterprises already included bottle companies in Florida, nightclubs in three states (one appropriately alleged “Mirage”), and parking businesses (valet, lots) in six states. He acclimated extortion and concrete browbeating as amplification and administration tools. “That’s what bogus me exhausted in my business,” he already conceded in court. 

Echoes Tampa federal prosecutor Jay Trezevant, who brought cases adjoin Alite, Gotti Jr., and added Gambino gangsters: “Our investigation arise that John was a angelic alarm on the street. Other advancing abyss were really afraid of him.”  Even so, he had a balmy ancillary in his dealings. “More than one aggregation affiliate explained that John was consistently actually fair with how he divvied up the bent proceeds, article attenuate in that world,” says Trezevant. 

In his above life, anniversary Christmas division Alite would canyon up a cut (or “tribute” in mob parlance) to his abomination bosses, generally through a Gambino captain alleged Ronnie “One Arm” Trucchio, who is confined life. (He got his appellation due to a askew arm from a car accident.) Today, Alite is developing a adventure in legal online bank in South America, with Gentile confined as an adviser administering the due activity to accomplish abiding Alite’s ally are clean—and won’t booty advantage of him the way he acclimated to booty advantage of others. Alite additionally hopes to cast himself to companies that ability see amount in employing a adapted hitman as a bell-ringer to advertise products. (More on that later, with ascribe from a branding expert.)

This wasn’t the aboriginal time Gentile helped a brigand to morph. I aboriginal met Dave in 1990, aback he was a Philadelphia-based FBI abettor specializing in activity racketeering cases. After able to accumulate the area secret, I was arrive by him to blot a day in a auberge allowance with a above hitman alleged Nicky “The Crow” Caramandi for a Time magazine interview. The Crow, betrayed by his own mob boss, testified in 11 trials, consistent in 52 convictions. He was in the attestant aegis affairs with a $1 actor compensation on his arch ($2 actor in today’s money), which explained why Gentile sat abreast us with a loaded gun.

“He helped me a lot mentally aback I was falling apart,” Caramandi said. “I anticipation the added law administration guys were conning me, but he believed in me. He’s accustomed me the aplomb to do things that I’m abashed of. I owe my activity to him.” In 1991, a year afterwards the interview, one of Dave’s adolescent daughters died aback (a additional babe would additionally die tragically in 1999). It was now the hitman’s about-face to advice the agent. “I’ll never balloon him calling and arrant like a babyish into the phone,” recalls Gentile. “‘There are so abounding bad bodies in the world, why did it acquire to arise to you, Dave? Why you?!’ It was a absolute affecting moment for us.”

Caramandi was adamant in his day, but his abandon paled abutting to Alite, who estimates that he either killed, shot, baseball-batted, piped, or stabbed upwards of 100 adolescent gangsters, some of whose names he never knew, and apparently never will.  (Oh—he sometimes acclimated a blackjack, which is a short, abounding and concealable bludgeoning device.) Asking Alite to blab his sins is to accessible Pandora’s casket—and The Calculator rattles off the victims from anamnesis like a dispatch bullet:

The ones you murdered, how many?    Frankie Burke [killed 1987] and me did two murders. They don’t allegation me; they don’t acquire the bodies. But I acquire to allocute to them aback I’m in those [FBI] rooms. The ones on my acreage [15-acre New Jersey estate], I told them two, but I acquire it was three. But two for sure. I apperceive they’re murdered, but technically by their [law enforcement] standards, you know, they allegation a body. Ricky Stratton I attempt in the arch on the Jackie Robinson Parkway. He dies a ages later. They don’t allegation me with the murder. Louie DiBono [Gambino soldier activate in his car trunk], I’m allotment of that annihilation team. I copped to that—that’s six. Gotti Sr. ordered it from bastille and was additionally bedevilled of the hit. Georgie Grosso I pulled the trigger, attempt him three times in the aback of the arch in a car. I’m aggravating to anticipate who abroad is dead. The guy I baseball-batted on Jamaica Avenue and 78th Street was a vegetable. He died; they pulled the bung on him. They didn’t allegation me with the murder. I told them [FBI] about him. The one in Brazil in jail. Frankie Geekie I did—  

—And the cardinal of bodies you shot, who survived?  Shot? Fucking tons.  Four in Kickers nightclub. Three at Flight 116. Two at the Bulkhead, one central one outside. One at the Swim Club that exhausted up Gotti’s cousin, Johnny Ruggiero. Two at Mandela’s bakery. One at Mike’s Pub in front. One in the Hamptons for “Jonny Carnegs” son. Paul Forgione in advanced of Gotti Senior’s mother’s house. One I attempt in Forest Park on Babyish Carriage Lane. Um, Mike Livigni in Anchorage O’ Call. “TT” I attempt in the arch alfresco the Flight—excuse me, in advanced of the accomplished bar. He lived. I put him in my trunk. I anticipation he was dead; he popped out. Manny I attempt in Ridewood for—

—I anticipate we’re good.   Yeah, I attempt a lotta guys.     [to be continued]

Over Zoom sessions and sitdowns at an Italian restaurant in South Jersey, area the men live, Alite and Gentile told their stories. Current and above law administration admiral vouched for Alite’s believability and transformation. On the added hand, Gotti Jr., a onetime defacto bang-up of the Gambino family, lambasted Alite’s bonafides.  (I’m apologetic for blubbering like this,” he said at the end of a 3 ½-hour buzz call.  “When you accumulate article bottled for a continued abundant aeon of time, like a abundance it spews.”)

THAT WAS THEN: John “Junior” Gotti (left), with John Alite captivation his babyish son, Jimmy. At centermost … [ ] is Gambino ancestors soldier Frank Radice. Scene: Alite’s abode in South Jersey, 1991.

Alite and Gotti are bitter enemies who altercation one another’s accounts of about everything. In 2015, adept mob anchorman George Anastasia wrote a book alleged “Gotti’s Rules: The Adventure of John Alite, Junior Gotti and the Demise of the American Mafia.” Aback Gotti bent wind of the project, he rushed to self-publish his own memoir, “Shadow of My Father,” in which he atrociously attacked Alite. Their deeply-personal claret altercation has gone virtual, accepting bled out into amusing media.

Also belief in:  Former Gambino underboss Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, who accepted to captivation in 19 murders, and who took bottomward John Gotti Senior—one of the bigger domiciliary names in U.S. mafia history. Since Alite’s ancestors barrage from Albania, credibility out Gravano, he could never be added than an “associate” of the family. Nonetheless, he tells Forbes, “if he was an Italian, he would acquire actually got made, maybe alike in a aerial position.” Put addition way: “To us he was an Albanian mafioso, with absolute respect.”  

(The Bull is “lying,” erupts Junior, who calls Alite a “nobody” who was chased from the Gambino ancestors afterwards alone two years of ancestors service. Gotti paints a annual of Alite as a cheat who has bogus his mob career and “cashed in” on the Gotti name. Their war, which is now sucking in Gentile, as able-bodied as Gravano, will be abbreviated later. Wear some Kevlar for it.)

Alite and Gentile sprung from altered worlds, but they allotment this abundant in common: Humble roots, and assailment that began in their childhoods. The ex-agent was aloft in a babyish boondocks in upstate New York, the son of immigrants from Naples who had bound means. “Never capital to or asked them for a dime.” One of the bigger impacts in his determinative years was a sister, acutely brain-damaged at birth, actuality consistently taunted and best on. “I would act out against anyone who capital to see her in a aspersing manner,” he recalls. “That’s the abettor of my acutely advancing demeanor.”   

As a adolescent man he was 6’2, abundant into weightlifting, and “the allegory of the G-man in library books appealed to my psyche—wow, accustomed a Tommy Gun, wow, accomplishing abundant annual for the country.” To abide his time until he could accompany the Bureau, he became a academy abecedary and afresh a principal, abilities that he’d advance backward in his FBI career to alternation badge commanders. He abutting the Bureau in 1979 and bound developed a acceptability for not absolution authoritative protocols get in his way as he hounded the bad guys mercilessly.

His capital focus was activity racketeering in Philadelphia, which was afresh abounding with base unions acquisitive businesses, and he formed some of the city’s bigger mafia cases. He garnered abounding commendations through a 24-year FBI career, but bogus superiors blench at times over his “methodology for extracting information,” as he calls it. “I had a John Wayne mentality. I didn’t affliction what I acquire to do to get the job done to accompany an indictment. I’d go afterwards a accountable with a vengeance, and ‘if that agency I acquire to booty bottomward your family, your dog, or anybody abroad in my way, so be it.’ Attractive back, I think, my goodness, I never would acquire capital to be advised like that. That was a allotment of my career I don’t booty a abundant accord of pride in.”

For his aboriginal arrest he yanked his doubtable over the ancillary of a shrimp baiter and assimilate the berth like a absorbed fish. “In retrospect, I’m apologetic to acquire afraid him bisected to death, and I could acquire aching him badly. I could acquire said, ‘Please arise up assimilate the deck, you’re beneath arrest.’” Addition doubtable let his dog afar on Dave, behest the abettor to bung the man, who advised conceivably 300 pounds, bottomward a abrupt flight of stairs. And aback a brigand was afraid bottomward a doctor acquaintance for $500,000, Dave sped through red lights to the scene. “How abundant money is it that you want?” he asked afterwards elbowing the blackmailer in the head, animadversion him to the pavement. “I told him, ‘You go aback and acquaint your guys that abutting time you appetite to allocution to this doctor, you arise and see me.’ That concluded that.” 

nicholas.serdynski’s Pizza Review at Dave’s Pizza One Bite | daves pizza fall river ma

Gentile’s aboriginal big racketeering case was his 1982 appraisal of Bernard Marcus, a much-feared bang-up of a Teamsters abutment who had extorted businesses all over Philly for about three decades. Dave launched his delving by animadversion on the aperture of Marcus’s corruptly-lavish home, handing him his business card, and promising, “I’ll be seeing you absolute soon.” After Gentile anchored the cooperation of assorted administration who had been extorted by the thug, he was accusable and pled accusable to acquisitive top admiral of 19 companies. “Saw him in cloister and gave him a big smile and said, ‘I told you I’d see you again.’” Why behave this way? “Because that set the accent for all my consecutive Teamster investigations, aback my acceptability was now out on the street.”

Take-No-Prisoners G-Man: FBI abettor Gentile in 1993. By then, he was starting to abate up.

Alite recalls that his own assailment started at age three, aback his ancestor accomplished (and forced) he and his beforehand brother, Jimmy, to box—and wouldn’t acquiesce them to cry aback they bled. “Endure the pain,” he’d say. “Don’t be a little girl.” It was a assignment that helped him afterwards in activity aback he’d be shot, stabbed, or baffled severely, and “the affliction doesn’t affect me.” Their Queens abode was about arranged with ancestors who “when we argued, anybody fought with their hands,” he laughs. His ancestor was a part-time auto driver, full-time charlatan who took Johnny forth to all-night amateur run by mobsters. 

As a teen, Alite formed in a bounded cafeteria (a accepted mob hangout), area he was recruited to run envelopes for a sports action operation. In school, he was a abundant baseball player, abnormally at smacking band drives (a accomplishment that would arise in accessible aback batting mobsters). He landed a baseball scholarship to the University of Tampa, but an abrasion concluded that career dream. A career on Wall Artery was additionally cut short: He anesthetized his Series 7 allowance exam, but a above-mentioned abomination on the books kept accepting him accursed from jobs.  

Through best of his life, Alite was acceptable at abstention the ‘Daves’ of the world, but his rap area grew: Convictions for aggravated assault, an actionable gun, alike smuggling a adolescent inmate’s abettor to a abundance dispensary (long story), and smuggling wine, cheese and pasta into a prison. Coincidentally, he was already confined in Camden, area he gave his allocution three months ago. In 2003, with the admiral closing him on him and his businesses, he bolted—moving through added than a dozen countries with afflicted passports until he was captured in Brazil on an Interpol accreditation and tossed into one of that country’s affliction penitentiaries.

In backward 2006, he was aureate in chains in an FBI jet to Florida, area he pled accusable to a continued annual of crimes alignment from murder, racketeering, kidnapping and biologic trafficking, to armed invasions of homes and businesses. Alite additionally began allied adjoin adolescent mobsters, abounding of whom had started ratting on he and others while he was a fugitive. He was arise from bastille in 2013, with a austere adjuration never to acknowledgment to one again.

Beatings you doled out, John?  Stabbing and baseballbatting I got a ton of guys, I beggarly nonstop. We stabbed Joe O’Kane. Ricky Red we affronted up in a auto and threw him out with a buzz band about his neck, he lived though. My accessory Billy Kaso, actually we batted him. Richie Gotti’s son-in-law who we larboard on the ancillary of the Belt Parkway, I batted him, I larboard him there for dead… The Kuzanowski brothers, two of them I baseball-batted…. I batted a guy in the burghal for Vinny and the Philly mob with the acquire from Gotti. I blackjacked “Frankie Lap.” I batted a guy that threw a basin brawl at me at P.M. Pub. Gene Foster, I piped him on the beach. These are aloof names I know, there’s a actor guys I don’t know, that I batted because Gotti told me to bat. So I can accumulate activity with adventure afterwards story. The botheration is none of these guys [fellow ex-mobsters] anytime do what I do. Especially by myself. So to them it’s unbelievable, that ‘there’s no way this guy could acquire did this much.’ Oh, the kid Stevie Newell [quoted below], I additionally shot, who testified for Gotti. I forgot about him. But he actually speaks awful of me; we’re accompany now… 

“You could say we’re friends,” Newell confirms to Forbes. “We talk. We’ve had coffee. Our kids are friends. The accomplished is the past, you apperceive what I mean? We’re not attractive to annihilate anniversary other.” Newell laughs. He was on a payphone in 1995 aback Alite attempt him. The ammo went “right beneath my butt, through the aback of my thigh and bogus a appropriate about-face activity arise my nuts.” Fortunately, it chock-full short. Newell adds that he was asked by a Gotti about that aforementioned year to bash Alite, but the hit was alleged off.  

Why? According to Junior’s righthand man, Gambino captain Michael “Mikey Scars” DeLeonardo—nickname acknowledgment to a dog mauling his face—who testified about it 14 years later, the abstraction to annihilate Alite was conceived to “protect and insulate Junior” from crimes he did with Alite. But Junior “liked Alite, he didn’t appetite to annihilate him,” said Scars. “He acquainted Alite would never cooperate.” Alite says he was already accustomed a apparatus gun by Gambino assembly to annihilate Junior, but that this hit was additionally alleged off.

The Alite-Gentile adventitious meeting? As they recall, it was in backward 1999 or aboriginal 2000 and took abode at a hockey amphitheatre not far from their corresponding New Jersey homes. Alite’s son Jimmy (then 10), and Gentile’s grandson Nicky (then age 7 and actuality aloft by his grandparents), were at a convenance match. The men affianced in babyish allocution while watching their kids play. “He happened to be continuing there. I happened to be continuing there,” says Gentile. A anniversary later, they ran into anniversary added afresh at the rink. This time they chatted for about an hour, exchanging names and starting to anatomy a bond. Aback at his office, Gentile entered Alite’s name into an FBI database. “My God,” he recalls adage to himself, “we acquire a very interesting alone here.”   

Normally, a law administration abettor would acquaint a superior, and alpha ‘working’ the accord to accretion a ballast into a abomination family. But Gentile wasn’t consistently a aggregation player, additional his John Wayne address had ashen due to the deaths of his daughters—one of whom died in a car blow a ages afore her bells (and aloof months afore he met Alite.) Dave told cipher at assignment about Alite. Instead, the abutting time he saw him at the rink, he handed him his card.

 “John, I’ve got to acquaint you something. I’m with the FBI and I did a little accomplishments analysis and I apperceive who you are,” he said. “It’s was aloof article I acquainted accountable to do. I appetite you to apperceive that it doesn’t change anything; I’ve enjoyed talking to you, you’re a very, absolute absorbing alone and if I could be of any advice to you, let me know.”  

BUDS: Gentile introducing Alite to a roomful of kids (many fatherless) in allegation of role models, in … [ ] Camden, NJ — one of America’s best agitated cities. Blow sponsor: Men Empowering Nations, a faith-based bounded non-profit. September, 2020

A accord blossomed. The men abounding Yankee games, a Tyson fight, and commons together. At the time, Alite endemic a 15-acre acreage that boasted three houses, a lake, pool, two baseball batting cages (of course), aegis sensors beneath a five-block driveway, and a regulation-size battle ring. Dave sometimes brought little Nicky over to watch Alite and pro boxers spar, so that “I could appearance a adolescent boy that acquirements how to avert yourself is article that can be very, absolute good.” Gentile already visited Alite in prison. Alite already phoned Gentile backward at night to acquaint him he was on the border of advance addition up. Dave talked him down, but he didn’t acquire and batted the guy anyway.  

Dave opened up to Alite about his ancestors tragedies, while Alite opened up about how his bastille stints were antibacterial his relationships with his kids. “The abeyant for us activity was remote,” says Gentile. “The accord that ensued was apparently one in a million.”  

Many years later, aback assembly of Gentile’s continued ancestors were told about the friendship, they wondered why he would acquire put himself, his career, and potentially them in crisis or jeopardy. “I consistently believed I could booty affliction of myself and those abutting to me,” he explains. “I aloof acquainted actually answerable to advice accompany about a transformation of this alone because I knew in my affection and apperception that John, accustomed the opportunity, could change his life. And I was right, because he actually has. He aloof had to lose those demons he was ambidextrous with. He bare a admiring ascendancy amount in his life, because he couldn’t assurance himself. I consistently appealed to his greater good.”  

Gentile says he never debriefed Alite, nor did he alike advance (until afterwards John became a fugitive) that his pal become an informant. Nor did he ask for specifics about his crimes—and Alite volunteered none, added than adage he was accepting astringent problems with abyss in New York and Florida. But the abettor could see that Alite was sliding into a accompaniment of brainy agitation and torment. 

“I consistently artlessly said, ‘John, booty affliction of whatever it is that has got you actually absorbed in anxiety. Whatever it is, you acquire options, you can alter your life. You acquire a abundant accord of talents to accomplish an honest living.’ He didn’t apperceive what to do. But he’s a acute guy, he could deduce what I was aggravating to say afterwards cogent him, ‘John, the alone advantage you acquire is to become a rat.’ That would acquire torpedoed the relationship.”

After Gotti Sr. died in bastille in 2002, the Gambino ancestors started crumbling fast. The admiral were aerial about Alite’s businesses in New York, New Jersey and Florida, while a growing cardinal of assemblage assembly were flipping like pancakes. His accord with Gotti Jr had soured years earlier, he says, so he’d kept abroad from Gotti physically for the bigger allotment of a decade. He was antisocial the activity but acquainted trapped in it. Gentile recommended a advocate he knew that ability lay out options. Alite met the lawyer, but three weeks afterwards Gentile accustomed calls from Alite’s ancestors adage he was missing. “I knew afresh that he was either asleep or on the move.” 

Alite phoned Gentile aggregate from about the world, including from Brazil prisons on banned phones. Gentile, who had retired from the FBI in 2003, says he was afresh beneath no obligation to address the calls to the Bureau. But he banned to aid a fugitive, and kept cogent Alite (heatedly at times) that he had to arise in and “face the music of what you did and change your life. These guys are axis on you; they’re not your friends.” Eventually, he listened and Gentile affiliated him with alive agents. 

ARRIVEDERCI!: The night afore Alite (far left) was activity to the bang in 1991 for assault, Junior … [ ] (sitting beside him) threw a activity in his honor. “It’s up the river for you John,” apprehend the frosting on the cake. In photo’s far right: Peter “One Eyed Pete” Gotti, who became bang-up afterwards Junior. In background, easily folded: ancestors capo Thomas “Tommy Sneakers” Cacciopoli.

Alite says that while still in bastille in Brazil he assisted adolescent mobsters to action cases. (This was accepted beforehand this year by the Gambino family’s “house lawyer” in a chat with Gangland News’s Jerry Capeci, the administrator of mob reporters.) But aback Alite abstruse that Gotti Jr had secretly met with feds, he ample it was alone a amount of time afore Gotti and others affronted on him. 

Indeed, Ronnie-One-Arm, the Gambino captain, gave his own aperture annual in 2006 afore a board afterwards his advocate present (hardly the smartest move in mafia history), in which he ratted out Alite as a “rogue” and “thug” who “stole all these businesses from every person.” Alite had had enough. “I was accommodating to die in bastille for them all, but now I absitively I would booty anybody bottomward who I could. I was done.”  

Back in the U.S. he was barmy to acquisition that his businesses had been taken over by above partners. But this time he was in no position to annihilate anyone. “His exhausted and afresh accepting the basic of his business best afar by his above friends, it’s the life,” says FBI abettor Otto. “They adulation anniversary other, they kiss anniversary other—‘brother brother brother’—turn your aback and addition aloof best your pocket. It happens every day.”   

Alite today is authoritative ends meet by architecture houses to cast in Pennsylvania, co-owning an auto adjustment and sales shop, and until aftermost year owning a pizzeria. He was paid to arise in a Netflix affection (“The Perfect Gangster”), with agnate projects in the pipeline, and he makes money with casual speeches to companies. 

He additionally co-hosts a podcast alleged the “Johnny & Gene Show,” in which he interviews ex-mobsters.  (Gene is a young, above brigand who Alite is mentoring through his own transition.) The appearance sells online aliment such as John Alite coffee mugs, face masks and tote bags. Some of the items acquire “Yes I Did,” accounting on them, which he says is allotment of his mission to arise apple-pie on all of his crimes, and in all of their appalling details, which he blasts Gotti and abounding added above mobsters for not doing.

As Alite looks ahead, Gentile is well-placed to advice him accomplish safe business decisions. For six years, until he retired from the FBI, he accomplished badge commanders and detectives with seminars on leadership, management, and ethics. Post-FBI, he abiding out atrocity as the ambassador accepted for a anchorage ascendancy that was mired in corruption; the arch acquiescence administrator for a civic freeway commission; and arch of activity operations for Philadelphia’s mobbed-up assemblage center. 

Gentile additionally co-formed a clandestine analytic aggregation that in 2013 approved a arrangement to accommodate guards at a New York airport. Had he gotten the work, Alite would acquire been an adviser attractive for aegis holes. As a hood, he had done dozens of robberies and actually could acquire lent a altered perspective. 

Alite additionally launched Alite Sports, a consulting accouterments based in Colorado that pairs amateur gamblers with experts. But his bigger move is to try and barrage an online bank adventure based in South America, for which he travelled to abounding countries to abstraction bank parlors and allege with online action experts. He was abutting to signing contracts, he says, but the communicable has delayed everything. Gentile, who has spent continued hours with him on the project, has some gaming acquaintance to accomplish abiding it stays kosher: he already formed as an controlling for a gaming group, amenable for accomplishments checks on vendors. 

John wonders if his claimed accretion (and assignment with abaft or at-risk kids) can advance to endorsement opportunities. To be sure, his face will never beautify a box of Wheaties, but Forbes kicked the catechism over to a branding expert, Valerie Michaels, who has specialized in alive with athletes–such as pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and Olympic gold advocate snowboarder Shaun White. 

“Maybe addition like this actually cancels ‘cancel culture,” she says. How so?  By actuality an accessible book about the accommodation of his violence, conceivably no skeletons can bound advanced to chaw him. Moreover, she adds, “American ability loves a comeback, and with bodies adversity from the pandemic, this accomplished business apparatus of the aspirational lifestyle—wealthy celebrities lecturing bodies from their mansions and superficial influencers—isn’t resonating anymore. I’d adulation to see some absolution and abasement comedy out in the media for once.”

Michaels suggests “brands that allegation accretion and acquire a abatement from grace” ability annual from a John Alite. (For example:  Papa John’s pizza, whose administrator accommodated in 2019 afterwards application a ancestral slur.) “Next I’d attending to an bargain Men’s Wearhouse-type chain. John’s so active and I brainstorm a byword like ‘When you aloof got out of the big abode …’ Or how about a aegis aggregation like ADT, with tips for how to abstain a break-in?”

(In fact, an ad attack already featured robbers who, afterwards spotting ADT signs on lawns, confused assimilate the abutting houses. Alite, who admits to dozens of home and business invasions in three states, ability be a natural.)

NO ANGEL IN WHITE: Alite belted by pals alfresco “Our Friends” — a Gotti ancestors amusing club in … [ ] Brooklyn, about 1991. At right: Ancestors soldier Frank Radice. [FBI videos additionally appearance Alite in advanced of Gotti Sr.’s Manhattan amusing club with abounding Gambino mobsters.] Addition photo taken years earlier, in 1984, shows Gotti Jr, Alite and Gambino associate/drug banker John Gebert continuing calm on a bank pier. In 2008, Alite pled accusable to captivation in the 1996 annihilation of Gebert.

Finally, Alite may be the alone above mafia hitman to barrage a music career. Two songs acquire been completed for a awaiting “spoken-word” anthology (“It’s Not Aloof Gotti” and “I Larboard My Family) that are actually absolutely acute and can be heard here. For the songs, Alite was asked questions about his past, and afresh accursed abroad afterwards a script, says David Nash, whose London-based aggregation (Fat Pigeon Music Publishing) is bearing the album.

 “The bodies who are autograph the music for John’s anthology are in their aboriginal 20s, aboriginal 30s, and the bodies who buy their music are kids who acquire been afflicted anon or alongside by the assemblage culture,” says Nash, who is additionally Alite’s co-manager on ball ventures. “John is aggravating to affix with artery kids. You or I couldn’t appreciate speaking like he does. You know, we watch movies, and we sit there and say, ‘Yeah, okay, that’s a movie’ and ‘Oh, gosh, that’s shocking.’ But afresh if you actually booty a absolute animal actuality who has done that and more—how the fuck does he deathwatch up? Or, added importantly, how the fuck does he beddy-bye at night.”

Not well.  Alite’s been diagnosed with PTSD, he says, and has nightmares area he’s still demography bodies apart. He’s been been alive with a therapist for 15 years to acquire and ascendancy his temper. In his accomplished life, his anatomy would actually agitate afore assaulting a adolescent hood, and it was generally absurd for him to stop unless adolescent abyss pulled him abroad (which was never easy.)

He still all-overs aback absorbed by acute anger, but “now I’m able to change my anticipation pattern,” he says. “It’s like an alcoholic or biologic addict. So I attending at anniversary day that I get through as addition day; I don’t attending at abutting year. I aloof acquire to be acute and consistently analysis myself and admonish myself that I acquire a altered activity now. And, assurance me, my bigger botheration aback I went to analysis was not ruining my activity to annihilate that allotment of bits [Gotti Jr]. I’ve dreamed of every which way to breach his anatomy apart. And I told my therapist that.  I said ‘I ain’t gonna do it. Because I apperceive better.’”

While Gentile was his prime role model, Alite credits others with lending a hand. They ambit from the FBI’s Otto and prosecutor Trezevant, to a cold-case assassination detective and Gambino ancestors specialist alleged Steve Kaplan who had approved (fruitlessly) to about-face him adjoin Gotti in the backward 1980s. Alite’s above aegis lawyer, Caroline Tesche Arkin (now a civilian cloister judge), recalls “philosophical conversations” with him about how he could change his life. “He does have attempt and a able moral code,” she says, adding. “He’d actually rather agreeableness you than aching you.”

Alite’s therapist additionally helped him exhausted a astringent case of hypochondria that he suffered afterwards he alternate from his years as a fugitive. “When John would get a headache, he had a academician tumor; he went from a barbate toe to cancer,” recalls Charlotte Braziel, a above FBI abettor who was allotment of his debriefing team. “No John, you’re not dying, but you’re beneath accent all the time. The abandon you’re complex in and afresh you’re annoying about this?” 

Alite and the agents would beam over it.  Today he understands that the hypochondria was his way of “not ambidextrous with the basal causes of what was actually aggravation me… like, ‘I’ve got cancer’ because I didn’t appetite to apply on activity in bastille because Gotti is activity with the government. That I couldn’t control. But the bloom I could control—eat right, exercise, see a doctor.” 

The aftermost time Alite and Gotti Jr. were in the aforementioned room, the gates of hell shook. It was in a Manhattan federal attorneys in 2009 with Gotti on balloon for racketeering, annihilation conspiracy, drug-trafficking, and more. (It was declared a mistrial.)  “You got article to say to me?” said Alite, afterwards walking off the attestant angle during a break.  “You fag!” Gotti exploded… You’re a punk. You’re a dog.  You consistently were a dog.” The adjudicator admonished them. 

(Alite says he additionally alleged Gotti a “Whitey Bulger—I should be sitting there, you should be up here—you’re a rat.” Bolger was one organized crime’s best abominable informants.)

Their altercation is so atomic and ongoing, anniversary triggering the other, that one law administration official speculates that—if today’s mafia was still strong—the administration of the Bristles Families would acquire taken “corrective action” continued ago to end it.

It’s best summed up with ammo credibility (pun intended):

•   At the affection of their battle is this: Alite says Gotti won’t acquire and acquire that he became a “rat” while Alite was still holed up in a Brazilian bastille affronted displacement and absolute loyal to the clan. (In fact, Gotti did rat, in a sitdown with the FBI in 2005.) 

Why does Alite affliction today? “Because I allegation to appearance kids that an alignment I was affectionate to was blind me out to dry, and that I didn’t become a abettor because I was ‘jammed up’ and absent to save my own skin. My bigger annoyance is I got hit with a RICO [racketeering] case afterwards actuality bent with one allotment of evidence—not a videotape, audiotape, drug, asleep body, gun or alike a bullet. It was all based on Gotti’s bogus men, assembly and friends.”

From his bend of the battle ring,  Gotti maintains (sans proof) that Alite had been a rat aback the 1990s—with Dave Gentile his capital FBI handler. Gotti says Alite was a affiliate of his mob aggregation for about two years (1989-91) afore he chased him abroad from the family, in allotment because of a tip that he ability acquire become an informant. But that’s untrue, maintains Phil Scala, a retired longtime arch of the FBI’s Gambino squad. When asked if Alite was a ancestors accessory appropriate up until 2006, aback he alternate from Brazil and started allied with the feds, Scala says “Absolutely. 100%.”

• The men were already so abutting that Alite got affiliated on Junior’s altogether as a appearance of annual to him (with Junior his best man.) Alite was additionally a groomsman at the bells of John’s sister Vicki (see photo). But that was then. Alite has claimed he had an activity with her, which she’s angrily denied. And Vicki already told the Daily News that her ancestor abhorred Alite and “his abominable and abject ways.” Junior’s added sister, Angel, has nicknamed Alite “A-rat” on amusing media, while their mother Victoria has referred to Alite as an “insect… he would bulge a cockroach.”  Sweet.

The Groomsmen: Vicki Gotti’s 1984 bells to Carmine “The Bull” Agnello (alongside her), who … [ ] allegedly put out a arrangement on Alite a decade later. Alite is in basal row, fifth from the right.

• Gotti on Alite:  “A deranged lunatic…a complete fraud…a bananas ailing bastard…he’s aria so abounding hundreds of times… He’s bogus himself significant. And he knows the alone way anybody would alike acquire annihilation about him is use the name ‘Gotti.’ He’s cashed in on my name.”

• Alite on the Gottis:  “Junior and his ancestor congenital their names off the abandon from bodies like me. And Junior was so anemic and amateur that his ancestor had me be his babysitter.  He would adumbrate abaft others and accusation them aback the calefaction was on. Gotti Sr. may not acquire been intelligent, and his accomplishments brought bottomward the family, but at atomic he had the absolute to be a boxy guy.”

• Gotti:  “John Alite is half-a-girl to sit there and try to badmouth my father. I mean, it’s insane. It’s ludicrous. Alike FBI agents had respect…. ‘Don’t go on allocution circuits and accomplish me and my ancestor your victim.’  …Twenty-two years I’m out of that life. The apple that I was a allotment of would acquire collapsed Johnny Alite. Anybody I knew in that apple would acquire bogus an archetype of him from a blast pole. I assumption those guys today don’t acquire any heart.”

• Alite says he already exhausted up Genie Gotti, Junior’s uncle, in prison.  

• Never happened, says Junior.

• Alite says he was one of three ally with Gotti Sr. in a sports action operation.

• Junior says his ancestor didn’t apperceive Alite.

• Asked about their feud, former ancestors underboss Sammy Gravano says, “They acquire a thing. I try and break out of people’s divorces.” The Bull may not acquire a choice, however. When I told Gotti that Gravano recalls Alite as a “good guy” and “stand-up” apache for the Gambino family, Gotti snapped: “He’s lying”—and asserts that Gravano did not alike know of Alite’s actuality during his mob years. 

Gotti says Gravano was the “keeper of our annal in our archives” and had already put calm a “roster” of all hundreds of assembly and associates. “I’ll bet you can’t assumption who’s not on that list?” To which Gravano responds: “He has me alloyed up with an historian. I was a bandit killing people. I didn’t accumulate fucking rosters. This is why the kid [Junior] didn’t accord in the life. Actually it was a abashment that John [Sr.] even made this kid.”

In his own defense, Junior says:  “[My father] bogus me a able guy at a absolute adolescent age, and I don’t anticipate I was ready. In fact, I know I wasn’t ready.”

And so it continues.

• On the accountable of Gentile’s adventitious activity and the change of his accord with Alite, Gotti isn’t affairs it. He says Gentile was John’s “contact point aback the ‘90s.” Responds Dave: “That is actually and actually false. And I would beg anyone to try and arise up with any allotment of paper, any ‘302’ [an FBI arbitrary of an interview], or any added affair that would appearance there was advice gleaned from John Alite by me. I would appetite the befalling to agitation him over what he alleges about this alleged cooperation. Now will he agitation me? Hell, no. He’s not able abundant to be in the aforementioned allowance with me.”

Exhibit 301D and 301E, U.S. v. John Gotti Jr.

TOP: Junior and Alite in 1990 were ordered out of a car and frisked by badge responding to a address … [ ] of a gun in a abettor alfresco a Manhattan courthouse area jurors were apperception in a balloon of John Sr. (No gun found.) BOTTOM: Junior abrogation the courthouse, with Alite to his larboard (behind), and advocate Gerald Shargel to his right.

If such paperwork existed, by law it would acquire had to be affronted over to Gotti’s attorneys during his 2009 trial. Gotti, however, finds the absence of such addendum apprehensive and suggests they may acquire been shredded. But if it was absolutely aloof an innocent friendship, he argues, any abettor would (or should) acquire memorialized it on paper. Gentile says that had he done so, his administration would acquire pressured him to get Alite to inform, and he’d acquire banned their orders. “Certain aloof colleagues could never acquire the accord I artificial with Alite and the affidavit for it,” he says. “They weren’t big abundant thinkers to understand.”

For addition booty on this, I accomplished out to a retired New York-based FBI abettor who doesn’t apperceive Gentile: Wesley Wong, who abutting the Bureau in 1976, three years afore Gentile did. During his career, Wong handled abounding organized abomination cases, including in clandestine roles. “I absolutely accede with Dave that he would acquire been tasked to ‘work’ Alite if he had notified his superiors of the relationship,” says Wong. “It took adventuresomeness on Dave’s allotment not to address the accord initially. Dave would acquire arise beneath suspicion if his contacts with Alite would acquire arise to ablaze beneath altered circumstances. Every abettor that finds themselves in a agnate bearings has to do what they anticipate is right. In Dave’s case, his accomplishments were a win for the FBI, for Alite, and ultimately, Dave.”

• Gentile calls Gotti “the apotheosis of a modern-day Fredo Corleone, annihilation more, annihilation less.” Fredo, of course, is the fabulous “Godfather” character—a brother of the boss—who ratted on his family. What Gentile is apropos to is a 302 that lays out a activity Junior had with the admiral in 2005, aloof three years afterwards the afterlife of his father, and about two years afore Alite caved and started flipping. Junior sat secretly for what’s accepted as a “proffer,” a acceding in which a ambition shares advice that cannot be acclimated adjoin him. In 2006, the New York Post, as able-bodied as anchorman Capeci, bound scoops about the proffer, and in 2015 columnist Anastasia appear the absolute 302.

Gotti has aback done a few contortions to explain the extend as a moment of “weakness” in his activity and a “mistake,” but additionally insists he was aloof aggravating to bold the FBI by assuming to be a rat. How so? Some of the advice Gotti provided was acutely false. Moreover, he accuses the admiral of falsifying some things he told then. “They knew that it was a fucking game. I started up the [proffer] by adage I didn’t ache anybody.” The document, however, has Gotti confessing to cutting a man (who afterwards died from knife wounds) afterwards a affray in a bar.

 “I’m the best approved man [mobster] in history,” he erupts. “Does that complete like a rat to you?! …I had an empire. It was dismantled by the government.” Alike so, he bankrupt the mob adjuration of omerta [silence] by accusing assorted mobsters, politicians and a badge detective of crimes, and cogent the admiral about a ancestors plan to catechumen a debris dump into a bastille that would be awash to the burghal for $20 million. (On its face, it was a camp idea, as it appropriate the Gambino association could accumulation from a arrangement to apprehend mob guys and others.)

For affidavit unclear, the admiral and Gotti didn’t move advanced with the cooperation. “Not one animal actuality on annual of me anytime went to prison—ever,” he says. Mobsters and mob experts can anatomize the 302 and adjudicator for themselves; the five-page 302 is clear here.

Gotti does accept that, because of the proffer, his father, alike “on his dying deathbed, he would acquire disowned me.” Maybe alike worse: “You can’t be bisected pregnant,” insists Anthony Arillotta, a above bang-up (and hitman) of a Massachusetts addition of the Genovese mob, the better of the bristles families. If you are a ‘friend of ours’ [La Cosa Nostra] and you sit bottomward with the feds, and you accord them advice area they acquire a 302, it’s a afterlife sentence. Now, a lot of bodies don’t get killed.” (Arillotta himself, in fact, aback he became a abettor a decade ago.)

•  Gotti refers me to a website that focuses absolutely on advancing Alite’s cred, which is run by a abomination biographer who is co-producing a book/film adventure with him blue-blooded “WITSEC Mafia.” The venture, which Gotti says three networks are now behest on, promises to betrayal FBI atrocity in the attestant aegis program. Mob anchorman Anastasia finds this amusing: “If his extend action had gone forward, he’d acquire been the Bang-up of the WITSEC Mafia.”

• Acknowledgment in ample allotment to Alite’s affidavit in 2008, a Gambino soldier alleged Charles Carneglia was bedevilled by a board and is confined life. Not so with the 2009 Gotti case, which resulted in the fourth (of four) afraid juries that assuredly accustomed Junior to be chargeless of the feds. It led to his actuality tagged “Tefflon Jr.” by the press, aloof as his dad had been alleged the “Tefflon Don.” (Note: This excludes a 1999 case, in which Junior pled accusable on the eve of balloon to bribery, extortion and the blackmail of violence.)   

Junior didn’t affirm in his 2009 trial, while Alite, donning bastille apparel and advancing beyond as a beast, was on the angle for seven days, which is about exceptional of for any attestant in a mob trial. He was sometimes antagonistic and seemed to attempt aloof to be inhaling the aforementioned air as Gotti.  One juror told the columnist that the board was accepted in award Alite the atomic aboveboard of the witnesses. “Nobody believed John Alite, and that’s why I’m home,” says Gotti. But some acquisition that adamantine to swallow, accustomed that Alite was the brilliant witness, and that the jury–which deliberated for 11 canicule until deadlocked— concluded up appealing analogously breach on the counts.  

“Some jurors believed him, some did not,” says John Meringolo, one of Gotti’s two balloon lawyers. “The defense’s action was to portray Mr. Alite as a vicious, barbarous killer. He was the best agitated allied attestant that I’ve anytime encountered. We were acknowledged with this accurate jury, assuming that we could not let a agitated bent like Mr. Alite get abroad with his crimes, while Mr. Gotti, who was not agitated in our opinion, be convicted. And I acquire the board abandoned the [cooperation] acceding bogus with this accumulation murderer.”  

 I additionally accomplished out to John Riley, a longtime cloister anchorman who covered the balloon for Newsday. He says he came abroad at times activity that Alite was embellishing. “He seemed to be the absolute deal, and he was the absolute deal, and you knew he had abundant access,” he recalls. But Riley felt he affianced too abounding of his crimes on Gotti’s orders, and he was afflicted by some adverse accounts by Alite of how abounding acts of abandon he was complex in. “It’s a babyish affair but it agency you’re not actuality absolute precise.” 

One example:  

“Is it fair to say based on the altered numbers you ahead testified to beneath oath, 30 in Carneglia’s trial, 35 in this trial, that you candidly don’t bethink absolutely how abounding bodies you may acquire shot, right?” one of Gotti’s attorneys asked during his cross.  

“…I can’t accord an exact cardinal for sure,” Alite attempt back. “I never said I could. I didn’t accumulate a agenda in my abode and address bottomward one added notch. I approved to acquaint the government every austere abomination that I did that I could anticipate of.” 

Given the spirit of the anniversary season, one wonders if Alite and Gotti would accede to a Forbes-hosted sitdown over cafeteria to try and casket their beefs. (Socially-distanced, of course, although there ability allegation to be a bulletproof bottle affiliate at the table.) Alite is game. But Gotti will never do it. “I don’t appetite to accomplish that animal relevant,” he says. “…Only in America aback there’s 500 platforms that a guy like this can flourish…To annual my father, I would never sit beyond the table from him. He put me on Afterlife Row. [But] I should be blessed about John Alite, not angry. I’d be appropriate now in Colorado ADX [supermax prison] dying like my father.”  

Junior says he about hosts his continued ancestors for Christmas dinners, area Alite is remembered. “Everybody gets a glass, albino or wine. I consistently acknowledgment my father—‘this is to the chief.’  And afresh I say, ‘Oh, here’s to Johnny Alite.’ I consistently acknowledgment him. Everybody laughs, because if it wasn’t for John Alite, I would not acquire been home. I would acquire fell in that aftermost case.”

Did Alite bamboozle in the trial?  “I’ve heard Alite’s belief hundreds of times,”says Scala, the retired FBI Gambino expert. “Plus or bare one, they break true.” Prosecutor Trezevant, who spent hundreds of hours debriefing Alite, says board in New York and Florida reverse-engineered Alite’s claims to affirm them. “Time and again, we were able to approve and verify, through victims and added evidence, the advice provided by John,” who Trezevant says additionally helped them break absolute old cold-case murders.

TIME FOR BUSINESS: Gentile (left) is acceptable Alite by administration the vetting and due activity for … [ ] a acknowledged online bank adventure in South America. (photo: Haddenfield, NJ)

Not surprisingly, Gentile’s angle of Gotti Jr are unflattering. “I anticipate he is an embarrassment to altruism and to society. And some of his allegations acquire been abandoned that he has directed at John. Gotti should acquire been convicted, but he was very, absolute lucky. He belongs in the aforementioned ambiance area his ancestor spent the butt of his life. The abutting time he feels it all-important to bless his abandon because of John Alite, acquaint him I said he will never be able to absolutely affirmation the law of innocence.”

Not continued ago, Alite was on duke to advice the Gentiles blot their third ancestors accident aback Nicky, who was alone 27, died tragically in backward October. The burial was kept to a babyish cardinal of ancestors and friends, including Alite, who “was like a sergeant-at-arms attention the casket area my grandson was,” says Dave, his articulation breaking. 

Alite cried over the coffin, as he remembered Nicky arena hockey as a kid on that day two decades ago that he aboriginal met Dave. “That moment at the burial underscored what I consistently acquainted about him,” says Gentile. “Despite his history, admitting what bodies appetite to say about him, I would assurance him with with my life. It’s a accord that a lot of bodies abominably would never activate to understand, or want to understand, or don’t acquire the accommodation to understand, and I don’t affliction about that at this point in my life.”

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