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President Village - apartments for rent in fall river ma $500

FALL RIVER — Whether they’re for-profit or nonprofit, businesses charge banknote to break afloat.

5 Saint Joseph St APT 5, Fall River, MA 5  Zillow

5 Saint Joseph St APT 5, Fall River, MA 5 Zillow | apartments for rent in fall river ma $500

Cornell Mill - apartments for rent in fall river ma $500
President Village

President Village | apartments for rent in fall river ma $500

Fall River, MA Rentals - Apartments and Houses for Rent®

Fall River, MA Rentals – Apartments and Houses for Rent® | apartments for rent in fall river ma $500

Cornell Mill

Cornell Mill | apartments for rent in fall river ma $500

President Village - apartments for rent in fall river ma $500

And for some Fall River businesses that able for Paycheck Protection Affairs loans in 2020, the CARES Act affairs accepted as PPP fabricated the aberration between having to scale back to a skeleton aggregation or alike go out of business.

Four out of 10 Fall River businesses condoning and accepting the better denominations in 2020 from the federal Paycheck Protection Affairs are nonprofit.

All four accustomed amid $2 actor and $5 actor in PPP loans.

The alone business in Fall River that able for the $5 actor to $10 actor high bank was aliment maker Gold Medal Bakery, which accustomed $7.4 million, according to the Baby Business Administration.

All told, about 190 PPP loans were handed out aftermost year to Fall River for-profit and nonprofit businesses.

“It helped us to abide to action as calmly as we accept been,” said Sharon Ford, arch controlling of Ancestors Account Association — a nonprofit dating aback to the backward 1880s that offers 15 programs, including brainy bloom counseling for aged adults; adolescent affliction services; and outpatient brainy bloom therapy.

Ford said she was declared to accept amorphous her role as CEO aftermost July but had to delay until October as aftereffect of the disruption acquired by the pandemic; she says she’s formed for Ancestors Account Association added than 15 years and advanced had been its arch affairs officer.

Ford said the COVID-19 communicable had affected her to “temporarily” lay off 25 workers afterwards site-based, in-person casework and sessions beneath by 45 percent.

“If a home bloom abettor doesn’t accommodate a account we don’t get paid,” Ford said, abacus that “if there are no casework there’s no reimbursement.”

She said Ancestors Casework Association, which has affairs sites alignment from Brockton and Norwood to Raynham and New Bedford, currently has a full- and part-time agents of added than 300 employees.

Ford said home casework involving certified nursing administration were not curtailed: “That affairs never stopped,” she said.

Reimbursement payments for assorted programs, she said, are provided by the MassHealth program, Massachusetts Behavioral Bloom Partnership and third-party allowance companies.

Family Casework Association accustomed a $2.5 actor PPP accommodation in 2020. Ford said she doesn’t intend to administer for a added annular of Paycheck Protection Affairs loans.

“We’re captivation our own. I’d rather see added bodies who absolutely charge it get it,” she said.

Ford said her nonprofit account bureau has an anniversary operating account that exceeds $20 million.

Fall River, MA Rentals - Apartments and Houses for Rent®

Fall River, MA Rentals – Apartments and Houses for Rent® | apartments for rent in fall river ma $500

Businesses in Massachusetts in 2020, according to the SBA, accustomed a absolute of $14.3 billion in PPP loans, which are forgivable if agreement of employee-retention belief accept been satisfied.

The boilerplate bulk of a 2020 PPP accommodation in the Bay State, the SBA says, was $121,000.

Carl Garcia Jr.’s alimentation depends on cartage accepting banged up and scratched.

The buyer of Car’s Blow Center says afore COVID-19 his ancestors business was acclimation amid 140 and 150 cartage per anniversary central the sprawling Bay Street facility.

But Garcia says it didn’t booty connected for him to apprehend aloof how austere the bearings was afterwards a civic bloom emergency was declared aftermost March.

“We absent 35 percent of business in a one to two anniversary period,” he said. “People were afraid and beneath anxious about accepting their car fixed.”

“Even rent-a-car companies went into a slowdown,” he added.

Garcia, whose ancestor Carl Sr. started the ancestors business in 1961, says the bead in business connected to collapse to 50 percent.

“March through May was horrible,” he said. “I’ve never apparent annihilation like it. We couldn’t alike awning our amount besides all the added costs. The assets aloof went abroad for six to eight weeks.”

Garcia, 52, said he was affected to lay off a dozen advisers but has boring amorphous to rehire. He currently employs added than 90 people, including his wife, two daughters, and a sister and nephew.

Insurance companies, he said, at one point were advertisement a 35 to 40 percent abridgement in car crashes.

To cut costs and abstain added layoffs Garcia said he began cross-training workers and cut his announcement budget, the closing of which included a account call-in radio appearance he hosted and paid for on WSAR AM.

“It’s not aloof us — all blow centers suffered,” he said.

Carl’s Blow Center Inc. accustomed a Paycheck Protection Affairs accommodation for $1.1 million. Garcia says after the PPP banknote he acceptable would accept had to lay off absolutely bisected his workforce.

Garcia addendum with some irony that beneath than two months afore the actualization of the coronavirus — which so far has been attributed for the afterlife of added than 360,000 Americans — was declared a U.S. bloom emergency he was in Italy affairs some actual big-ticket equipment.

“I wrote a analysis for a actor dollars,” he said, apropos to three CMC cast activity able aerosol booths he says will beat any accepted aerosol berth now in use in the U.S.

He says he expects a acknowledgment on his advance aural the abutting two years.

Garcia said he’ll acceptable bandy his hat in for the abutting annular of PPP loans: “I’d administer again,” he said.

As arduous as it’s been, Garcia says it could be worse: “It’s annihilation compared to my accompany in the restaurant business.”

Fall River’s Roman Catholic Diocese able for a accumulated $7.2 actor in PPP loans.

The beyond allocation of that total, $4.3 million, was accepted to the diocese’s “education center” consisting of 16 schools in Fall River and eight added municipalities.

Superintendent of Schools Dan Roy, in an email, said the PPP funds were acclimated to pay “teachers, janitors and added agents that were amid the best accessible during the pandemic.”

Roy acclaimed that the schools await about absolutely on clandestine allotment through charge payments. He additionally said abounding families, abnormally those alive in account industries on the Cape, “have been devastated by the pandemic.”

He additionally said that “we accept been affected to draw on reserves, operating budgets, and appropriate fundraising efforts to accommodate added banking aid for families.”

The Catholic Memorial Home in Fall River accustomed a PPP accommodation of aloof beneath $2.9 million.

Joanne Roque, controlling administrator of Diocesan Bloom Facilities, which includes a absolute of bristles accomplished nursing and rehabilitation facilities, in a account said the accommodation was bare to awning a cardinal of expenses.

Roque said these included the acquirement of claimed careful equipment; accumulation new charwoman procedures; added staffing to awning accouterment of approved advisers who were clumsy to assignment due to COVID-19; and alleged “heroes pay” for all her capital workers.

The closing appears to accept been based on the awaiting federal The Heroes Act, which includes a appropriate armamentarium to accommodate up to an added $13 an hour in hazard pay to capital workers.   

Nancy Paull, CEO of the nonprofit Stanley Street Treatment and Resources, said her $3.6 actor PPP accommodation fabricated it accessible to accumulate layoffs to a minimum.

Paull declared those who were laid off as actuality mostly affliction administration professionals. She additionally said some added advisers asked to be laid off because of personal, adolescent affliction commitments.

Paull said SSTAR’S operating account for the above-mentioned budgetary year was $29 million: “That’s not an bargain thing,” she said.

The Baby Business Administration lists SSTAR as accepting 250 employees.

Paull declared SSTAR’s accepted budgetary action as “pretty stable” and said she doesn’t advanced accepting to administer for addition PPP loan.

Businesses that don’t accommodated the PPP amount belief accept bristles years to pay it off with an anniversary absorption amount of one percent.

Tom Pasternak, buyer of Walsh Pharmacy on Rock Street, accustomed a PPP accommodation in 2020 of aloof beneath $180,000.

Pasternak, who bought Walsh Pharmacy added than 50 years ago back it was on Pleasant Street, says his fate as a business buyer would accept been closed if not for the PPP loan.

“I would accept been out of business,” he said.

Pasternak, 75, says alike afore the communicable entered the account allowance aggregation agreement ante were “the everyman I’ve apparent in years.”

Since the beginning of the communicable no one is accustomed to airing into his small, ancient pharmacy, which provides and sells annihilation added than decree drugs and some medical supplies.

Pasternak says all his advisers accept their temperature taken afore entering the building.

“All these little accomplish booty added time,” he said.

 Pasternak said he additionally had to redesign the autogenous of the pharmacy area of his architecture and appoint bristles added drivers.

He says 80 percent of prescriptions are now delivered and that anyone who wants to aces up a decree charge alarm advanced of time and again accommodated an agent alfresco the advanced door.

Pasternak said he’s absent three pharmacy technicians — two of whom begin jobs at Charlton Memorial Hospital and one who now works at a Walmart pharmacy.

Will he administer for addition PPP loan?

“We accept to,” Pasternak said after hesitation.

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